December 22, 2008

just a good pic.

merry fucking christmas.

December 15, 2008

Got 50$ into my moneybookers account today from Tower Affiliate programm. Deposited them. Let's see how it will go. I hate 10NL, so SNG's, I guess. I have no fucking idea.

November 20, 2008

HOLY SHIT! I won nothing after that!

Yes. Yesterday checked the stats for the big pots I lost in last three weeks - I lost to three-outers or worse in 21% of hands. Got my money in good a whooping 91%. I really start to believe in "doomswitch".

BUT! Now I have my cool laptop. It's amazing I tell you.

So nothing interesting in poker world over here.

But I have good news as well - this Saturday in some metal gig [without live bands] I will be a fcuking dj and everybody will listen my "technical death session" for a cool hour. Nice.

October 17, 2008





I had internet installed to my new flat.

Took a boss'es laptop to home - I still ain't got one [laptop, i mean]...

AND WON THE MOTHERFUCKING 10'000 GUARANTEE 30+3 FOR 2500something$!!!!





October 13, 2008


Now I have on my account the exact amount of monies to buy my laptop of choice - Acer Aspire 7730. Every day my cursor slowly crawls to that "cash out" button, but I have a courage to not click it - it would leave me without bankroll and I do not want grind out 10NL again.

Patience, patience.

October 09, 2008

Life tilt

Still floating around 1k.

Was really on life tilt lately.

Did I mentioned, my girl left me?

So, yeah - life tilt.

September 29, 2008

Reached 1k. Ain't that nice?!

Yeah. I do not know, if I will sustain that [I really would like to], but this mourning I reached the new milestone - now my account has over 1k in it. From 30$ in 12th of august to 1035$ today - I guess we can call it a progress. Thus far I play mainly 50NL with occasional jump to 100NL when I feel like it or there are too few 50NL tables [I play mostly in mournings, so traffic is lower].

September 25, 2008

Fun things pokar

Well, I am still hovering at 50NL. Played very little due to some personal problems [adventures] in love/family front. We almost broke up with my girlfriend, but now it's fine again. I guess. I do not know.

Anyhoo, that's the "progress", if we can call it. Just bumped in to throw in the link to one funny thread in 2+2 - "How to be a fish in a casino". Here's some good pointers:

-When you get your holecards and it's your turn to act say "Hit Me!"
-Assuming you're playing NLHE, ask if aces can be used for High or Low
-If in a cash game, ask how rebuys you're allowed to have
-Wear a Moneymaker t-shirt
-Keep drawing attention to the table's "chipleader" if in a cash game
-Ask the dealer permission to use the bathroom
-Ask where the hole card camera is
-Keep trying to post the BB in any positoin
-After you get 1 hole card immediately fold
-On the river ask if you can buy a 6th card
-When counting out chips always do it in stacks of 1 chip
-Use a bowling ball for a card protector
-In a cash game, ask when the blinds are going up
-Keep looking around and asking where Mike and Vince are
-Always ask whats the most you can raise
-Raise all bets by $1
-Whenever you get a suicide king or one-eyed jack play it like it's wild
-Ask if you can phone a friend
-When it's your turn to act roll two dice across the table
-Show everyone your chip trick, which is just throwing a chip as high as possible
-Stack your chips like a castle with an entrance for your holecards
-fold your cards with your forehead

Also, sent to Photoshop Disasters pic from Pokerstars newsletter - that guy in the middle [do not know him and don't want to] is clearly photoshopped into some kind of lizardman. Fun.

September 11, 2008

So far there's no difference

Moved to 50NL yesterday. Right now seems, there are no difference in play from 30NL. People drawing much more, though - if a guy have a flushdraw, he will pay anything to get there. Also shortstacks [20bb] will push with just everything. Some guy wanted to push me off of the pot of 15$ with 3$ all-in bet! That was fun really.

Anyhow, due to some beats [I mean, somebody sometimes actually got there] I am still braking even at this level. But I am certain, that I will play smart and don't do anything funky, I'll be up in no time. Let's hope for it!

September 05, 2008

Gallop continues; my version of agressive bankroll management

Yesterday gone for another gallop - after some good four hour 4-tabling was up A DOLLAR!!! Well, from other side it isn't so bad - in earning bonus points to clear my bonus had my best day [see the pic]. Today though broke the mark of three hundred - I really hope not to drop below it ever and ever and ever and ever.

Thus far so called "agressive bankroll management" works pretty fine: 70bb is what I consider a buy-in and am moving up when I have teh ten buy-ins for particular level. I know, I know... But I hate 10NL so much, I can't stand playing there.