January 09, 2007

REVIEW: Barry Greenstein's "Ace On The River"

OK. My first review. I made it as short as possible.

Let’s start as all people do – from the end of the book.

Well. Yes, tournament poker is the most popular in the world, and „Ace On The River“ doesn’t make and exception and pays it’s dept to it – although Barry is a cash game player by his own definition, the hand histories, presented in book is only from tournaments.

The hand histories and explanations of ways, how author played them, are wery well presented. But, in the same time, they leave much room to make a reader his own analysis.

I guess, the main reason, why they are interesting and not similar to all other books telling you, is personification. Barry strongly encourages to make us to make our own decisions, as long as they are well thought through. And this could be one of the main things, most of the books lack to do.

Without hands, there are lot's of hints and tips presented in very interesting and casual manner.

Overall the book is very interesting. But I just CAN’T say, that this book is about poker game. It’s about poker life. Different angles of game itself, society, dirty ones and good ones. It’s a book written from perspective of real man, not cards and numbers. You almost get that smell of the room described, feel that stuborness after significant loss.

I could compare „AOTR“ with math book with which you can really sit in that train, what goes from point A to point B. You won’t regret.

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