July 02, 2007

Bad things happened, but I am back


Sorry for my absence. Was going through terrible times. And still am. As I, being so full of principles, quitted my job, it took a while to find a new one. I was cut off from internet, mobile... and so on. I am still in debt huge way for a rent and landlord wants to kick us out of our flat. And for bonus - the webpage development didn't work - the programmer I found stood me up and now I am an idiot in some people eyes. I don't care about other thoughts in this matter - just there was pretty much money involved. Yes... But, I hope I am back in business. The job offer I took was more from desperation - pay is 25% less, but there are the good things too - free mobile and dinner - guess it summs up to the same. If I hadn't those depts, I would smile right now. At this moment only my stupid optimism keeps me alive.

Poker world? Ha! Deposided 50 bucks at FullTilt [I blew my money at UB long ago - entered some big tournaments in hope of getting rent money]. Nothing much - will start work from the bottom. Again. I heard WSOP has begun?! Wow!

Yesterday I was really afraid to open up the FeedReader... There must be millions of unread posts over there! Yikes! It will take some work.

Missed this all thing. But now I am back. Hungry and poor bastard as I always was and, hopefully, won't be.

*** If You read this, You must send me some good thoughts.


Ash Haque said...

Hope you have luck in the future man, things always look bleak before they get better.

osinsh said...

thanx man.

Scott said...

Sorry to hear about your poker loses. Has it been any better since, noticed the post is a bit dated?