January 10, 2007

REVIEW: No Limit: A Search for the American Dream on the Poker Tournament Trail

NOTE! Bad words used. I am not rude person, it's just a way it must be told. And this is my own personal subjective view of things.

To be short - don't buy it!

The plot : "...A bi-coastal couple, Susan and Tim, carry their independent film company and four-year-old son on an eight month ride through the world of tournament poker. Their plan: Play in six high-stakes poker tournaments. Win some money. Document their journey. Save their company...."

The player is Susan Genard and she plays Omaha and Stud. Also this movie features a lot of significant pro players, who tell you bit something about poker world.

This movie I would like to divide in two parts: "Susan and shit" and "Quotes of the pros".

Quotes of the pros

The best part of this film. I guess nobody will hear there anything new, but it's interesting to see all those people to say a little something about this and that. These quotes [not longer than minute] are scattered throughout all films lenght.

Susan and shit

Ok, I will not talk about her poker game as such, couse stakes we play are not the same, nor format [cash vs. tourney]. I will talk about all these scenes of life between her and her "husband".

Everybody have white spots and black spots. What I don't understand, why the hell those black spots should be shown in front of other people and ask money for that. In this movie [do-cu-men-ta-ry] first plan person around whom the film is made, is egoistic and dull bitch. Believe me, I tend to see films from beginning to end, but here I barely made past 20 minutes. Through the whole movie we see stupid person bragging about bad luck and "shitting over" her "husband". Believe me - there's nothing more.

Husband is under the question mark also. My bet is, he loves kids [they got three] and stays with that woman just becouse of them. But sometimes I just can't understand, how, I mean HOW the man can live with person, who call you an idiot almost in every sentence? Ok, maybe I am too old to understand [27], but, God, I hope I will never turn to such a weak boy as he is.

Funny thing is, in the films ending part Susan discovers she's pregnant. I bet "husband" isn't really sure of all things...

Just trust me on one main thing - DON'T PAY MONEY FOR IT!!!

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CIII said...

They are not married. They got divorced if you recall from the movie. He lives with his two other children from another relationship on the East Coast. They ARE partners in a Film Production company. Did we watch the same movie?