February 02, 2007

REVIEW: Poker Bustouts

Yep! As promised - the review of documentary Poker Bustouts.

I will not mention here any namaes of players, couse, frankly, they are not those stars everybody know of.

This documentary haven't plot as such - it is one big interview with about 15 poker players, who do that for a living. And they are all different as personalities - that's what makes this film so good. From homeless cowboy to father and husband - it's all been covered. The most interesting thing is, that viewer can see, what's ir all about and this isn't a Hollywood movie with happy [or so] ending. It hasn't any ending, actually.
There are about four or five segments, the film is divided to, such as bankroll management, bad beats, life being a player... We got to see some experienced and succesful players talking and then we are thrown to some bacalley, were "no money, no home, no family" talks about strategy.

I guess, everybody should see this film and make his own decision what was it about. For every person it will be different. For me, for example, it was film about family values. We need to love and guard what we have - out significant others, friends. Couse if we will not do that, we will turn into casino freaks with no soul. Yes, I guess, the main message was: guard Your soul! Don't loose it! Love the game, prosper in it, but don't let it capture all your life.

Poker Bustouts.

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Anonymous said...

For the love of Allah, if you're going to spend the time writing a "review" at least use the spell check! Impossible to read.