February 13, 2008

Fuck it - I want to hit someone. Depressed.

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Yes. Just sold my laptop due to "great" news I got from my girl - absolutely no monies from her. I don't blame her, no, but truth is, that, if we want to eat and stay at our apartament, I must sell something. And my laptop is practically only thing that I own [besides my bike and books], so he had to go. I really don't know, when I will be able to play the amazing game of poker again. The thing, that I must sell something whatsoever is really depressing. I want to hit someone right now. Really hard. Many times.

fuck it - let's celebrate

Well, it's in my personal life. Again! My girlfriend is out of work, so all living expenses is on me and it's getting really hard to get a decent living now. Again! That struggling with money is not a vacation. I even thought to sell my laptop [yes, exactly the same one, that crashed recently], but I do all I can not leave myself without poker and other stupid things I do at home. Besides, I finally start to climb out of that shithole I put myself into almost busting my account. Feeling confident in my game. Darn

Got contacted by few new bloggers via Poker Disasters and 2+2. Always nice to hear something from someone! Let's say hi to Dan with his daily grind and Munchers, who have chosen really weird name for his blog: "Becoming Poker". Ok, whatever - those dudes will be linked in blog list as soon as I get around to it.

Oh, yes, Johnny Hughes [the writer] contacted me on 2+2 also. Even if that was some sort of spam had a little chat with him. Nice.

So, fuck it - let's celebrate life and fight the next fight! [what a symphony, sheeesh!]