August 31, 2007


Well, I guess this is the last post of Poker Disasters. Time passed and I realized, that I don't need this blog to be a part of poker community. I can read other blogs and comment them without being blogger myself. The best feedback on playing and events I can get through various forums. So why I waste my time here?! Thank you for reading. All the luck. And we will meet again in Your blog or forum. Here I will update something about once a month maybe - if something big happends.

August 27, 2007

Drunk people play good / how did I did a bad thing

Sunday mournings over here are the best for playing online - then all the drunk people in America enjoying midnight and playing. There are people, who calls on the river with J7c on AK high board with four hearts. Unbelievable. Unforutantely, they sometimes wake up with good hand and then there's a trouble. Thats how I lost one buy-in.

Then came tilt and after ten hands I lost preflop all-in with AK of spades. To a donk, yes. He pushed with T8 sooted. I know, I know, generally you don't want to go with all your monies with big slick, but...

So, finally, two buy-ins down, I quit.

About that bad thing, mentioned in this posts title: Wanted to have some more feedback for Poker Disasters and, with doubt in my mind, posted the adress in2+2 forums. Only few responses. And topic deleted after couple days. I realize, that that was wrong and everything. Even sent the apology letter to the man, who deleted the post. So, please, no hard feelings.

Not interesting.

August 25, 2007

Gambler types

As we know from history... yeah... today was a good session, then the next one is going to be some sort of a disaster. Hope not.

Let's change the accents one more time, like we did in the previous post - I have another bright idea. By just fooling around in my mind, I thought of another theorem. There are three majog types of people who plays poker:

- winning players [I would like to call them "people, who play comfortably and wins"];
- recreational gamblers [millions of them];
- wannabe's [me and other members of fauna].

Damn. Third category is the toughest! If there isn't no big tourney win [yes, apparently I am talking mostly about cash games] or some deep pocket to rely on, this category gives the most number of headaches and troubles. Oh, no - I do not complain! Love that. Just a thought.

August 24, 2007

A little accent there, a little accent here...

Did someone said this or am I the first one? "If you don't know when to play - no worries. The main thing it to know when NOT to play". Yes.

Proceed in scotish accent: "So full of shit I am".

Back to normal accent.

Today read interesting news concerning online poker business. "New York Times" has an interesting article about argue between U.S. and Antigua and Barbuda. Yes, concerning online gambling restrictions in da big country and all the ramblings in World Trading Organization. Gambling Dispute With a Tiny Country Puts U.S. in a Bind.

Some news concerning Poker Players Alliance can be found at Lou Krieger's. But there's nothing much - they move from San Francisco to Washington D.C.

Pokernews let us know, that now people will be able to transfer funds between Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker sites. Well, ummm, ok.

August 23, 2007

Expectations II

As I said in one of my previous posts - Fuck them! Again - one day is good profitable. Somewhat slowly the bankroll grows for another bit. Next day - I don't believe some aggro guy and blow it all away.

Hate to do these brags, really. Who cares about them except me? No one.

And it's terribly hottt over here.

Let's read some forums then...

August 22, 2007

So much fun recently! Poker and non-poker releated. Wiiiii!!!!

Recently [today and yesterday] having much fun reading blogs, bloggies and 2+2.

Of course we will start with one of the silliest things - StB in his blog mentioned about some news about the men, who sat at some slot machine and realized, that woman, who had played previously, peed all over the seat. Ain't it nice?! As a news for me came the thing, that there really are such addictive people, who can't go to toilet just because of that huge urge to gamble. My God!

Then I looked at a very good screen at S'n'G... sorry, MTT Machine blog - Chad shows us how he plays. 30" display ain't bad.

One more interesting thing - how many 30" inch displays will buy Daniel Negreanu, after he earns another biiig chunk of monies by selling two to three minutes long clips through mobile entertainment provider? That guy don't waste any time and hits the iron while it's hot. Indeed.

Like the long reading? Haley's Poker Bl-Auggh got it for ya! Weird and about... something.

Oh! And 2+2 goes crazy lately! Mostly I read NL/PL Full Ring section and I just can't remember, it was so interesting as now. Too many to mention, but I feel I definetly must move up the stakes...

Apart from poker - it seems that almost all american men loves Lindsey Lohan. Just can't understand that. Is she cute? Really? Let not have her here. Poker Disasters better votes for Jaime.

August 21, 2007

HSP4 - just one week left / Bellande / my beauty

Isn't that lovely - GSN will start airing Season Four of High Stakes Poker after just one lousy week! Can't wait to see all those guys [and gal] to play together again!

On other news - Jean Robert Bellande will participate in the next season of "Survivor". He have our local version of it, but, because of Bellande, I will take a peak on series made overseas. The show will start 20th september. Full cast can be found here.

P.S. Upgraded Poker Tracker yesterday, but PAHud just don't want to work. Will work on it further today. Anyhow, urge for playing with stats helping me is huge. As well as urge to play live - to bad I don't have a bankroll for the second.

Oh... when I will be rich, I will myself this beauty - Kawasaki Vulcan 1600:

August 20, 2007

Just be happy, you bastards!

Some very bad news also... Maybe you know, maybe you don't, but I am a frequent guest at DeviantArt. Have some friends there. One of them now missing his girlfriend/next wife for two weeks now. She went after some dinner things and never came back. The guy thinks [is almost sure], that she was kidnapped and already been transported to some foreign country. Yes, she was joung. About 24, I believe. Damn. It just makes me crazy! So, after all - we are damn happy overall, aren't we?!

Since it's a poker blog - not much read blogs recently [weekend, ya know]. There are some good posts about multiaccounting at KickAss.

The Wicked Chops in their recent entry asked a really good question: "Whatever happened to just beating the crap out of someone who owed you money?".

Expectations [the post where I'm telling how smart I am]

Fuck them!


Hate when it's happends - one day you make two buy-ins and then you expect to do the same next day. Almost always it end's up with downswing. Thank God, now, if I am down one buy-in I quit even if I really want to play further.

Since I am at FT, believe it or not, I don't use Poker Tracker. Not any more. Less guessing - more fun.

And best of all - I start to starve for some good reading.

August 15, 2007


About that question in previous post - it's total bullshit. Player with pocketpair will win 65% of the time, but OESD will see victory 35% of the time. Mystery solved.

August 13, 2007

So we will never know the truth, yes?

Guess so. Bill Rini in his blog published his latest Q&A with Tom Grant - the man, who accused Phil Laak in various crimes, including hiring the hitman for murder. No updates on this matter whatsoever - just short response, that all matters have been settled and Unabomber can walk free again. End of story. Shame.

More on poker: does really player with high pocket pair is 1:3 underdog to an open ended straight draw when there are two more cards to come? Must look it up - pretty interesting. [Oh my God - I am interested in odds and numbers! Help!]

Talking about help - this guy really needs help. Just hilarious video [again, thanks to Rini's post].

And just look at those legs:

August 11, 2007

Have no idea...

Yesterday [as my girl is away and I have lonely nights:)] I decided to participate in my first blogger tournament - Friday Nite Blogger Donkament. Well, for me it was more as a mourning thing, cause the tourney started at 4:00 in the mourning by my time. But, as I had still beer in my veins and shopping bag, I give it a try.

Mostly I didn't knew people I was playing against [or just their screen names], but it was super fun. At start I lived thanks to two suckouts. But what you gonna do? Three hours or so with only three pocket pairs require some luck. Anyhow, finished 6th out of 17 - KQ vs. 77 - flopped K, but 7 on the turn sent me packing. And I have no idea, did I do good or bad, hah.

Thank you, it was good event to participate in.

August 09, 2007

Let's continue about those different thoughts on poker and shit

Well, discussions about cash vs. tournament continue. Now some thoughts about this, I guess never ending talk, are posted at Otis place. And there is the same point I told few posts ago: "Don's initial statement is basically true when applied to big buy-in live tournaments". It's the whole point in my opinion, cause, if we look at the poker as decent way of getting everything in life [financially], as a job, what requires decent amount of skill given individual must have, only the high buy-in events can give you the profit needed.

If we talk about things like "little buy-in can give you many hours of fun" - yes, it is true. IF you are playing FOR fun. In this case the whole argue doesn't make many sence anymore - then it's like discussion about what is better - strawberry or vanilla ice cream.

Ok. Back to work, I guess...

August 08, 2007

...and another thing - big news to come!

If you read my previous post, then it's obvious - I didn't had much time to run through my FeedReader.

Most interesting thing happened I guess concerns Bill Rini's post about Phil Laak's past back in Thailand - drugs, hired killers and accidents. Bill goes through these gossip-like stories
pretty objectively and post is interesting to read. There's a link to some 2+2 thread, which I found pretty interesting, too [didn't read all thing though, so...]. And all these things lead to one site, which no states the following:

Should be interesting.

Want to hear funny story about hamburgers? Go to Rapid Eye Reality.
Want to read a rundown of cons'n'pros between FullTilt and Poker Stars? Go to S'n'G Machine.
Want to see miss Roderick? Click below:

Wild days... [live games rule].

Yeah! Very wild. There was bad thing, good thing and totally unnecessary thing.

The bad: my account at FullTilt contains exactly 0.24$. Yesterday played 50$ freeroll at UB - finished 74 of approx. 2500. Don't like freerolls, really.

The good: six hours of live play [four-handed about 2h and heads-up about 4h] was marvelous - never felt more strong. Killed, took all the money.

The unnecessary: spent all earned money on booze in the next two days, so you can imagine, how I feel this mourning.

p.s. forgot to mention - ThePokerBay is currently open for registration, so maybe consider to join them. Later, when the limit of subscribers will be met, the only way to register will be through invitation of existing member. I have 10 invitations, so will be able to help.

August 02, 2007

Argue about Cash vs. Tournament

Very good post from Miami Don - one of the bloggers I read very regulary. Recently he posted very good written opinion about "Cash vs. Tournament poker" matter. He, of course, was on the cashgame's side and you just can't disagree with his thoughts. From other side, Chad from SNG Machine blog did the reply to Don's post defending tourneys and life within them.

After reading both posts I tend to agree with Don more. We have everyday needs and generally can't afford to wait for the big score [if we suggest, that poker is our everyday job]. And I don't think about just bread, water and rent - I talk new laptop, trip with family, clothes for kids... It's all about that. Tournament player wants to take big score after hundreds of bustouts. That's not gonna work. Let's imagine some predator out in the jungle, who eats only animals with, ummm... one eye. He will starve to death by the time he sees his dinner and then he will be so weak, he will not catch a shit.

Tournaments must be an addition to our lifes, not the main income. Ofcourse, I am not the one who could talk really, couse, as Otis said, "Ned Flanders thinks I am a pussy", but that's how it looks to me.

August 01, 2007

Lesson on how do you play 36o from the button!

I don't quite remember, who posted something about this guy's blog, but now I tend to watch out for him, too. He's good:

"...i get 36o and raise the button to £240. bb calls. flop 592, all spades, i dont have a spade. he checks and i check also. turn is a 7 non spade. he bets £480 and i call. river is a 9. he bets £1280 and i push all in for another £K or maybe a bit more. he insta-calls with the flush..."

I really don't want to say he's not smart or anything...

Pokernews posted some news on our beloved Tuff_Fish [possibly the guy in the photo on the right] - he have a flag in his hands about legal online poker and the battlefield is state of California.

And, from now on, I guess Poker Disasters candy thing of posts will look like below - sort of banner to actual pic. Mostlu becouse this will add more colour to blog itself.