June 12, 2008


The secound round gathered 209 entrants with only two of them getting a ticket.

I busted out 4th, when, being second in chips, I clashed with chipleader. My A9 was good vs. his KQ until the river, where the fucking king arrived. Fuck! Three damn hours, making plays between work and hiding from the boss'es eyes. FUCK!!! I am pissed.

But proud of myself a little, too. It's a shame I didn't get any material goods though!

I hope Mikey wins this.

June 11, 2008


I won a freakin' 450-man freeroll and got a ticket to 2nd round of Main Event Race. Isn't that nice?

June 05, 2008

Update. Damn update

Nothing really has changed over these months. I'm still without computer, but playing at work suck so much, that I don't enjoy it even a little. Still I managed to try the new Poker Tracker software and I am really stoked - it does the job faster and better and the hud looks good. When all this shit will end, I will buy this one for sure [I will even get a discount due my PAHud purchase earlier].

I am forking on new project, what will hopefully end our [I mean my family] struggle and will put things right. This is project I really love and if all works out I will send out our best beer to fellow bloggers, who found a time to say some good words to me over the past year. If I forget it - remind me!

Still I manage to play live poker at work about once a week. These are great times - have fun and make money. Of course, money isn't that big, but it's something.

Just a moments ago saw a video with well-known-poker-pro-from-DUKE. I just can't figure out, do I want to laugh or cry... hah.

OK, later.

And that Rizen's post over 2p2 about signing with UB!