December 24, 2007

Scammers in online poker / nice work, PokerStars!

Lately had been reading about scammers in online poker world - particulary in transfer "business", where people transfer funds between different poker clients and third parties.

- One guy got scammed of 2500$, but in the end got some of it back thanks to PokerStars, who did incredible work in this matter. [Link]
- Also we can read some AIM log with interesting chat with another scammer. This one includes some great lines as
you ain't getting shit". [Link]

And, talking about scamming - you know all those Nigerian scammers of course! Here's site, where you can look at scammed scammers. Some of pics are really funny.

December 23, 2007


Well, putted books a little aside for a couple of days and started playing. So far - nothing fancy. Breaking even after massively overplaying AK couple [or more] times. At least now I don't do that with AJ. UTG and UTG+1 are the spots, where I fold them without any hesitation. A-N-Y hesitation! Enough for now. Merry Christmas and don't forget to setmine!

December 18, 2007

Brain starts working. Slowly, but still. Wait me at the tables. Finally!

Sklansky's "Theory Of Poker" is finished. Did said that already at 2+2 and will say that here also - as a first book for novice player, TOP is a bitch. B.I.T.C.H. Nevertheless, it's done. The second book I took from the shelf is Largay's NLTH and I find it easy to read and very valuable. I am already done half of it and will do at least one reread for sure.

As I wrote before - I am broke. But there comes Christmas and 13th salary, so I will definetly make a deposit and start to work on things I read. Also I consider to get Idle Miner, but there are some worries about will my laptop be powerful enough. But, otherwise - well spent 50 bucks, imo.

December 15, 2007

I rig the internets! [learning and being broke in pictures]

Well, yeah, still with no bankroll. So, no playing whatsoever either. Still reading Theory Of Poker and becoming advanced in seven card stud [whadayaknow!].
Just for an update decided to show you some photos of my learning place / sweet shelf of books / my best achievement being BR-less and, of course, beautiful girl in the end [that stomack...].

December 12, 2007

As always - broke and tilted! But learning!

Yeah... First thing is, that I am too good as a person. Nobody want to pay in time for freelance jobs you've done. So I needed to withdraw almost anything I had on my FTP account [good thing is, that deposits are processed within seconds, but withdrawals take at least ten days - what a joy!]. The rest from the account I managed to tilt away, sooo.... zero-zero-zero. Seconds thing - Christmas. Thanks to all commercialization, I must find fund to presents, and that's not helping overall situation either.

Let's start to learn! Finally...

But there are plus signs, too. Got the whole library in [about my Amazon purchase You can read here]. First book I read was about Stu Ungar - just wanted something easy at the time. And that book IS easy. Not as deep as I imagined. But the good thing is, that you just storm through pages - not stumble against every second sentence. Anyways, now I am in the middle of Theory Of Poker. Man, that's a bitch! I even had a temptation to drop that book, but, I guess, I am not that ungutsy, so I promised myself to go through it. With clear mind, not just because... After that... I don't know - Gordon books or Harrington books. We'll see.

And my old friend Adil showed up - he's now a prospering coach at GrindersSchool. I think I will join them, too. When I got some extra bucks to spend. [I am waiting for a discount for this reference, hah!]

Ok. And to brighten things even more up, here's one of the most georgeous women I've seen lately [except my girlfriend, of course].