November 28, 2007

Ramblings about beer, pic of girls and, guess what, no poker!

Sometimes there's just not enough time. Or chance. Sometimes you get home late and tired and all you can think about is laying in the sofa and watch TV - no sex, no beer, no cards, no-no-no. And then there are other times, when you want to play but world around seems to be against it - someone comes, someone goes, it's the end of the working week...

Fortunately, I will have my books [already got Rolf Slotboom's book in] by tomorrow, so, even if I can't be online playing done, I will have my share of education. But all that beer... Yesterday some friends came over to congratulate my girlfriend with her birthday. Today is an actual date of her birthday - more friends, more beer. Tomorrow I will go to my friend's metal band's concert - more beer. Friday is always drinking night - even more beer. On saturday we visit girlfriends father for his birthday - again - some beer. What the hell!?!?

Why do I write this all this shit? Cause I need a brake. So I ramble some meaningless words and browse few girls [from Maxim, Bodog, WCP] for my dearest reader.

November 25, 2007

Casino staff refuses to bring me more beer. Bastardos

I can assure you - I am not even close to those big time [and "middle time and "small time"] gamblers you see in the casinos, movies and whatnot. I hate playing against the dealer any kind of games cause I constantly hate, how much I can do about the outcome. However, if, for that or another reason, I wind up behind some table, is always is Texas one. There you can see the flop for an ante and, as I read somewhere, it is a game where's casino edge is one of the smallest.

So anyways... Was there and done that couple days ago. At first me and my friend wondered through some pubs, but, as sometimes it hapends, we got to an idea of going to casino. I agreed only cause there might be a 2/4NL game going. Of course, there wasn't any NL - dealers choice with seven "omaha lovers" out of ten players wasn't an option for me. So I headed to my friend, who already played that game I told you about.

Well, I play differently - I often chat with dealer girls, friends and unknown people [yes, I drink all along] and play only about 10%-15% of hands. Not much money wasted and, you know, some loud fun. This time I even got a nickname - "karma". Many people believed I brought the luck to them [oh, well...]. Funny thing, I won or doubled ante almost any hand I played. Considering how rarely I played and my loud newfound karma friends, the floor noticed me and whispered to waitreses not to bring me more beer. Not for free, not for money. Hah. That was funny and I still doesn't quite get it, but... at least I was home earlier with 200 bucks extra. Not bad.

November 22, 2007

It's time to expand my poker library!

Guess, how much poker books I have now?


Guess, how much books I ordered yesterday from Amazon?

Twenty One. Pretty significant number, isn't it.

NLHE books:
Professional No-Limit Hold 'em: Volume I
No Limit Hold 'em: Theory and Practice
How to Dominate $1 and $2 No Limit Hold 'Em
No Limit Hold 'em: Theory and Practice
No-Limit Texas Hold'em: A Complete Course
The Theory of Poker
Caro's Book of Poker Tells
Read 'Em and Reap: A Career FBI Agent's Guide to Decoding Poker Tells
Harrington on Hold 'em Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments, Vol.1: Strategic Play
Harrington on Hold 'em Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments, Vol.2: Endgame
Harrington on Hold 'em: Expert Strategies for No Limit Tournaments, Vol.3--The Workbook
Take Me to the River: A Wayward and Perilous Journey to the World Series of Poker
The Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide: Tournament Edition
Kill Everyone: Advanced Strategies for No-limit Hold 'em Poker Tournaments and Sit-n-go's
Phil Gordon's Poker Box Set

Omaha books:
Omaha Poker
Secrets of Professional Pot-Limit Omaha

Another poker books:
Professional Poker: The Essential Guide to Playing for a Living
The Poker Mindset: Essential Attitudes for Poker Success
Your Worst Poker Enemy

Poker releated books:
One of a Kind: The Rise and Fall of Stuey ',The Kid', Ungar, The World's Greatest Poker Player
Amarillo Slim in a World Full of Fat People: The Memoirs of the Greatest Gambler Who Ever Lived

Total of 542 bucks. If we do something, we do it big!

November 21, 2007

Leaked High Stakes Poker [HSP] episode

So, if someone didn't heard that: this season's Episode 15 of High Stakes Poker is leaked from development and can be found over the internet. At first it showed up on Youtube, but got banned soon after. But, as always, there are other ways. So, if you want to spoil the glooorious celebration of waiting, you can see the episode right here.

Forgot something...

Recently there wasn't much posts with "candy" label on then. so I decided to post here a poster, I am going to buy sometime. It's the artwork of Lorenzo Sperlonga.

Why do I hate online poker?

Because it's rigged, baby!

OK, no.

Guess, why I lost two buyins and tilted off third yesterday?! Because of my laptop. Now it's about a week or so, that that damn thing don't want to work properly and freezes about once in an hour. Of course, the most funny thing here [I'm laughing here histerically] is, that more often than no, shit comes when I am involved in a big hand.

November 12, 2007

Another shit from AP? Mighty-Jack-Six-Offsuit

Well, no poker lately due some business outside, but managed to participate in's invitational yesterday and finished 30th out of 450 or something. And, damn, what a terrible move I did - middlestack pushed All-in from the button [no limpers], so I figured my AQ in SB would be good in this spot. Yeah! I see two kings and the third on the flop. My desperately needed Ten to fill my gutshot straight didn't came and byeeee!!!

Did I mention that this tourney went out at Absolute Poker? Hah! And guess what!? According to's management, AP forgot to set up the prizepool and still today noone knows, how much they've won. Ok, I am 30th, so I could not feel big worries about a... I don't know... a dollar, but those, who finished at the top could be pretty annoyed.

It was my first time at AP and I must say, that software runs pretty smooth. And competition, at least in the tourney I played, was very weak. But I can't say it for sure, cause, due to all the trash cards I got all evening, I didn't tangle much. But saw some amaizing things you can do with Mighty-Jack-Six-Offsuit.

November 09, 2007

Quitting poker? or "joy and pain of giving and taking"

If I wrote this post a couple days ago, it would be different, but the right things comes after water is settled, don't they? No, I didn't had horrible bad beats and my bankroll isn't busted or anything. Well, yes - due to some other matters, I withdraw most of the monies. I know, I know - bankroll is the thing you never touch, but... sometimes you must do. I don't play for a living, not even close to that, so there's no "very" hard feelings.

This and that, maybe some autumn depression even, brought some kind of boredom from poker. We all know that phrase by Worm: "grinding out on your leather ass" witch is said in that sarcastic manner. Well, I guess I got tired from that. I am still pretty confident, that my main mistake so far was playing live those couple of times. It's those live games I feel passioned about. Too bad, I am underrolled for them, cause exactly live action is what thrills me and lack of it in on-line game, grinding two, three, sometimes four tables isn't the most exciting thing in the world. Sure, there is goals you are trying to achieve and joy and pain of giving and taking, but after a while You Get Bored. Maybe it's just me and it's plain wrong, but that's my blog and basta.

So, yeah, was pretty down in mood, but... damn that bug! It bite me and there's no going back, I guess. Now I am eager to play again and to take some chips away from anyone and everyone. Even those were just couple of days, it's good to be back. I am still don't like to grind - who the fuck likes that? - but now I want to. With my shortened bankroll it will be helluva fun.

November 06, 2007

I am just as good as Daniel Negreanu / EPT is way better than WSOP

Yes! At least in one aspect: "Yes, I am pretty sure, you have me beat, but I will pay you that value bet to see that!". And those stupid wizard moves add up to pretty significant moneys overall. So after three days of playing it's time to spend some time reviewing hands and plug that leak. At least a little.

Was watching 3rd season of EPT recently and got to admit, that commentators are the waaay better, than in other shows. They having fun and that's a good thing. We don't hear about marriages and wifes all the time, as we are used to while watching WSOP.