February 28, 2007


As big event at Commerce moving on, we have some clearance on new advertising restrictions in this year's WSOP. So, basically, You can stick there almost everything, that doesn't come along with liquor, tobacco, guns and drugs. Oh, yes, of course - no dot.com's of gaming sites, that serves US players [although they can advertise themselves as dot.net's]. No porn [heh, that would be a case!]. Here You can't find any porn either, but a little more about those rules.

One more thing about that bracelet event - in September some shiny tokens of respect and money will be played out at WSOP Europe. Here You can read all about it. I will kill Bill and everybody around him to be there.

On other news: How did I play today?
- all-in on the flop with top set - guy spikes flush on the river
- all-in with KK preflop with ultra loose players - asshole get his flush to his pocket JJ
- guy tries to push me off on the flop with nothing. yeah, right! after confidently calling his all-in I can just watch his runner-runner straight to appear.
- a steam. great steam.

February 27, 2007

Regularity of playing / new Full Tilt ads

Just don't know, is it good or bad. I am talking not about "every day regularity", or even "five days out of seven regularity". I am talking two days in a week. From one point of view, it makes me pretty rusty and uncomfortable for at least first 50 hands. And, as we all have heard, many players insist on playing every day. And there's a very logical reason to this - more hands/more play/more experience.

From other side of things - after I made myself a law, that I'll play only rested and undisturbed [witch led to conclusion, that I can afford to play only twice a week] - my poker sessions started to mean more and make more sence game wise. I am preparing for a session and, even it goes bad, I know exactly why I lost this or that.

I am starting to believe, that everyday poker [don't get me started on multi tabling] isn't the real game anymore, but only substitute to another reflective action - an action the most poker players believe to run away from. A little dillemma. A little.

But maybe I'm writing this, couse I haven't played for three days and can't wait tomorow.

On other news, PokerOnAMac had posted brand new FT television ad. Didn't like most of them, if honest. But still - it's very nice to see, that FT taking a step in education about poker being game of skill, not luck.

February 24, 2007

QJ bet

Just watching "Live At The Bike".

people said, that raise with QJ is "no-brainer". Don't know... really...

February 19, 2007

Poker releated work. Nice! [and some holy things]

Well, what do you know! I have started to do some freelance work for one [of biggest] Europe's gambling site. Made a banner for them, couple more designs already on the way. It's truly enjoyable to do what you like for what you like.

As it always is, first week is/will be a little hard in communication, couse everything needs time. Then I hope we will cooperate quite efficiently. I am there as a freelancer, so no papers signed and so on, but, you know... Also there is one vacancy releated purely to poker still open and I am aiming towards it. Thus far they are interested in my persona [as I understood], but entries is accepted till end of April, so I guess I will remind about myself in this light couple more times.

And now for something completely different:

Jesus comes to heaven and sees that all apostles ar totally drunk.
So he asks them, where did they get the money to get so wasted.
"Judas came and told, he sold something," they explained.

And, as long we talking godly things here...

Lazy bastardness

Yeah. I am a lazy bastard who have played a very little at recent times. And, You know - it helps. Too bad I haven't much free time to get a grip back. But, at least, now I feel, that I want to get it back. There ain't nothing from "I must" anymore. Now it's "I want" again!

In forums they are people, who suggest to "play through" your hard times. Well... I don't agree. It's not me at least.

Signed up for a free iPod! If You want one too, check out banner on the left side of Poker Disasters. For me that tournament starts at 2:00@night. This will be fun.

February 17, 2007

250 poeple lost their jobs at Neteller

I didn't want to write this post. I got really terrible flu, what makes every wish, even to play some poker, uninteresting after few seconds it came to mind. Nose is running so bad, that it bleeds three to four times a day. Guess all that medicine, what makes heart pump twice as fast, doesn't make things better, heh.

But we have some news:

- Neteller fired 250 people from Canada and UK offices [220+30] due to all that bullshit we all know about. Details at Lou Krieger's blog.

- Tribeca Tables pulling out of US market. There are info, that about 50 different sites are effected by that, largest of them being Doyle's Room [this guy just can't step away from first pages, doesn't he]. DR representative's say, that everything will be allright.

Enough. I'm sick. Over and out.

February 15, 2007

Resizable poker room windows!

I just don't know, why I didn't mention this in previous entry. PokerStars [those bad people, who don't give a rakeback] are testing PS version for Mac and there are resizable windows. Isn't that lovely?

Pic from PokerOnAMac

Tony G says "Goodbye" to US players

Ok. One of the biggest news from recent is TonyG room's walking out from US market. Well, he is dealing with withdrawals differently, but, by all means, with respect. The main thing over his blog.

And everybody lies:

As we all thought, Brunson was not arrested. Good. No surprise there.

The shutdown of PokerBandits was their own joke [by their words - to illustrate the poker community after UIGEA and Neteller case]. Personally I think it was very cheap advertising compaign, so no link to them. But, for more details, you can visit article at PokerNews.

And yes - very good story about farting @ jjok's place. Just to bring an accent of stupidity to this entry.

February 12, 2007

FBI shuts down online poker room / Doyle Brunson's arrest

Yep. One poker site is had been shut down by the FBI. PokerBandits. To be honest, didn't know about such site till today, but still - here you can see, how it looks like when something is shut down.

There are/was rumors, that Big Papa Doyle Brunson is arrested. 2+2 posted after NewerWin, who, apparently, took the rumor from Poker Network. So, if interested, everybody can follow this thing through these sites. I will update also.

Scepticism fulfills me...

No poker this time

Not even a small one.

Here you can find prettty good gallery from WRC stage in sweden.

And here is my dream car. [sort of. along with another two - Subaru Impreza and big van, I don't manufacturer of].

Have a good week!

Even in perfect played hand you loose money.

I will not cry over bad beat or anything. Yesterday played a lot of poker. Lost two big hands [really really big].

1. I was pretty agressive at my table and lately had shown too much agression with just top pair - showed cards after everybody folded. I showed those only 'couse everybody else played TPNK like those were the nuts. Now I see KQp under the gun and limp. And rock to my left limps, too. As well as SB and BB. Flop comes Kxx, no flush or straight whatsoever. As my rocky neighbour limped, I am sure, he have something like I do. KQs, KJs, KT. Well, as I've been very agressive lately and know, that he definetly noticed this, I decide to trap him in some sort of way. Blinds check, I check, he, as suspected, bets 10BB. Blinds fold, I, after "thought", call. Another rag on the turn. He bets 20BB. I am SURE, he have K and, in the worst case, we are splitting. I take my time and call. The river brings J. I bet 15BB. He calls. He spiked two pair on the river with KJ.

I thinh this hand, considering my table image and previous actions against other opponents at the table, was one of the best I played. Too bad the ending was not on my side, but realising, that I played correct, really softens the pain of loss.

2. Super loose super agressive player. Wanted to push him off and instead doubled him up. Stupid play what I do, when feeling unbeatable. Oh well. That's... stupidity.

February 09, 2007

FBI arrests Netteller money. Over 55 millions

Oh - My - God!

So, this mouring the first news I read about is that FBI seized about 55million dollars in US costumer moneys in Netteller. The best thing is, that noone will ever know, when poeple will be able to get it. Guess that 270day window wasn't just bubble in the air.

I feel for you, guys. Europe is with ya!

NETeller confirms funds seized by FBI

February 08, 2007

Smash the iPod! While he's still big enough.

Just read some really fun stuff at Jason Kirk's place. So now listening to something like iPod [I REALLY WANT ONE, iPOD NANO, BLACK, PLEASE BUY ME ONE] whilst walking in the street, should be a unlawful. Well, the idea of "Democratic State Senator Carl Kruger" is almost exactly like this. Laughed my ass off, as someone would say.

Annnd, continuing with nonpoker stuff, this will help you choose, if in case you're looking to buy a bikini as present for your significant other. [we have -17 outside right now]

Blog space, poker styles and random shit

Wow. Now my RSS reader is ready to blow up. There are so many feeds in, that I need really good time to find and read the goodies. To bad, I haven't that at work - I could kill some hour while waiting the end of a day.

So. Nothing new at my side, apart of weird seven bucks I earned last sunday. RakeBrain says that. Personally I don't remember I have played a hand that day. Oh well.

AApoker made a really good article about basics of the player styles.

Half of the blog's titles today sound something like "Happy Hammer Day!" and everybody talks about their finishing place in HammerDay tourney at FT. Nada interesting.

In some older news: Saga of Jamie Gold and Crispin Something Layser is over. yeah... I know what you thinking - so what?! Exactly, hah!

I guess today is the day to watch some Monty Python! "Shut up you silly bitch" and shit...

February 07, 2007

Update on MyWebATM and little of FullTilt

As That-Guy-Who-Drinks-Beer-In-The-City correctly noted, MyWebATM is really on the pedant side. It's so far on that side, that ir makes all thing even little scary. I can't even signup, couse I'm not american, but for starstriped people over there that should be svary.

This is just a first step:

On other news: finally got my FT account with rakeback. No "Holy Martyr", though. "Holy Mort". My first freeroll - 14th out of 360. And, TOTALLY HONEST, I dump my stack at that spot, couse I was playing at my work and wanted to split. And, besides, even if won that seat in Poker After Dark after those rounds, I couldn't go to Vegas anyways.

February 06, 2007

New ways to deposit to and off your poker account

OK. Here are some news on that.

The first one - YouTeller. YouTube child? In Toutube is found this ad, witch, frankly, I don't like and it doesn't look very serious.

The site is up already, although they say, they will start serving people only in march.

The second one is MyWebATM. FullTilt already has confirmed about cooperating with them. They are already in business.

February 02, 2007

a Brake

I'm starting to feel, that I must take some brake from poker. Not for months. I guess, not even for a week. But after five month of almost every day playing, I guess it's time to have some rest. My game starts to be crunky, rusty and reflective.

I still am interested in all about the game, but playing is not the same. And when I play, I am not satisfied with myself and it mades everything worse. If I don't want to become an action junkie, I guess I must stop. And soon I will try that.

On other news... there's no such. Today. Read my review below.

REVIEW: Poker Bustouts

Yep! As promised - the review of documentary Poker Bustouts.

I will not mention here any namaes of players, couse, frankly, they are not those stars everybody know of.

This documentary haven't plot as such - it is one big interview with about 15 poker players, who do that for a living. And they are all different as personalities - that's what makes this film so good. From homeless cowboy to father and husband - it's all been covered. The most interesting thing is, that viewer can see, what's ir all about and this isn't a Hollywood movie with happy [or so] ending. It hasn't any ending, actually.
There are about four or five segments, the film is divided to, such as bankroll management, bad beats, life being a player... We got to see some experienced and succesful players talking and then we are thrown to some bacalley, were "no money, no home, no family" talks about strategy.

I guess, everybody should see this film and make his own decision what was it about. For every person it will be different. For me, for example, it was film about family values. We need to love and guard what we have - out significant others, friends. Couse if we will not do that, we will turn into casino freaks with no soul. Yes, I guess, the main message was: guard Your soul! Don't loose it! Love the game, prosper in it, but don't let it capture all your life.

Poker Bustouts.

If any suggestions on a future reviews - mail me!

February 01, 2007

Drunk Poker Is Winning Poker - Drunken System I

"I'm gonna play my A game tonight!"
"You have any?"

I really don't know, why I do like this dialogue.

Lately it feels like my RSS reader reads all posts himself and then deletes them. Pretty empty. I guess lot's of people stopped jumping around their Big New Year's Plans and are taking a brake. So I will tell You one bad story, how I won money at the live game and then gave it away to some junkies on the street.

One friday I went to the casino and got drunk with a friend of mine. There was a game going on - 1/2Ls, what is almost exactly 2/4$ in your [most of you] monies. The thing is, I had just a little beer money, but my friend had a tons of it - we don't make a real deal about it. So, there is that game and I spit out, that that must be an easy one, couse I saw there two regulars and about five foreign joungsters.

note: I am already pretty much darn drunk.

So, my bud say to me in voice, what sober people will never talk, that he will stake be on that table for 50BB. Meeeeh! After a moment I'm at that table. Played about three or four hours [friend is lost in about two hours] and made 25BB on the winning side. Wow! Yei!

The words of truth - I don't remember a decent half af that! A remember, that at one point I figured, that I am not in my best [yeah, right] condition to play decent, so I made a waitreses run - I drunk and I drunk and I drunk. Ofcourse, the shiny side of that was, that drinks was for free. When I had aces, I needed to peak at the cards about five times before the flop and million times after. Mheh.

So, ok. I'm going home. I walk and I walk and then I walk some more. Yes! I am on the last street corner. Just through a little park shaped thing and I'm at my house's door. Two guys appear. Pretty big and crazy - with those drug addict's eyes, that glow in the dark. Boy, I was scared. So, to make story short - they took all my moneys [glad I don't use mobile]. Funny thing - there was only about 80 instead of 150. Other half I guess I left at the store while buying smokes.

Is there a good lesson after this? Yes! Take a cab!