January 31, 2007

Playing styles - meaningless ramblings

If six months or so ago someone would tell me, that a man can play poker in more than, lets say, six different styles, I guess I wouldn't believe him. But by now I am starting to understand, that there are so many styles, that nobody can even imagine. And they are created by so many things and thingies, that ending [?] picture is very very colorful.

I'm writing this couse, slow person as I am, I have started to really think about it. Piece by piece I am trying to set up a style, what suits me. I know, that it isn't Sam Farha shaped [although I really love his play and agree almost with everything AA posted at his place]. It will not be something like Hellmuth's, couse it's really more like trounament shaped "school". Negraneu... hmmm, I guess this is what I play today [in conversion to online game], just without 95o stuff :] And he's pretty much a calling station on the flop, as much I've seen. Bronson senior? Really don't know. In case this case I guess we don't know about his real game so much. And I really not into stealing blinds much. More agressiveness is needed though.

As less gambling as possible - I guess that's the main goal I want to achieve. If You use your notes and reading abilities - it's not gambling anymore. It's recognized risk - that's not a gamble. [big words, wow]

OK. So far with ramblings about nothing. Here You can see the most sexiest pic ever ;]

And check out bucklox, really. He have a new video from yesterday.

January 30, 2007

P.O.W. and The Best Poker Player In The World

First week will go with zero graph. As well I played, I rather couldn't lay day turned and rivered sets. As always - greed didn't let me use my already made reads on opponents and I acted like really good P.O.W. - payoff wizard.

So, as I said - zero earning, zero losses. There's one "but" though - Poker Tracker showed, that I payed 161 buck in rake, so rakeback next month should be sweet.

As You maybe noticed, surfed YouTube yesterday and posted some old stuff here. Funny, but old. I will delete that post. Instead I would like to provide with new cunning videos. They are recently made by guy named BuckLox. He says he's very good at poker and at the same time considering calling all-in preflop in sit'n'go with 53o [or something], couse he have a straight draw! wow! Well, here's a link.

And here are marvelous Bodog grls.

January 25, 2007

Back in business

Yep! I will be by the end of the day. As I said - hundred bucks plus UB bonuses as the same amount in pending bonus and 10T$ [tournament dollars].

I have already made plans for my T$ - couple of 1$ rebuy tournaments I loved to play spending my Ultimate Points. In fact, that was the only tournament I liked - not so loose as dollar freezouts and final payout grows pretty large for invested money.

More Poker Tracker.

And I don't know... I tried to use PA Hud or similar online analyzers while playing, but I hadn't gained a damn thing with them. Sessions ended as fast as started. Not becouse I lost monies, but couse I just didn't feel comfortable with all that shit. I like the table clean and tells written in player's notes. No, we will say "No" for that one once again.

OK. No poker releated stuff for now. Let's turn on Blackadder and work!

Account deleted / best episode at Poker After Dark

Finally my account deletion process at Full Tilt is over. The thing is, that I created that account about six months ago, when I didn't know a shit about rakeback. Lately I figured, that I would like to play at FT also, but since my account was without rakeback there, I didn't want to deposit there any money in future. So, in about two weeks I managed to delete my account and now I am ready to create a new one through my rakeback company. Nice work, FT guys!

As for "Poker After Dark" - 20th episode was the best so far. Purely as show. Great player's setup in 3rd week as well [Andy Bloch could be replaced with Laak though]. We'll let TonyG to stay and hope, he will collide with someone [PH!] soon.

January 24, 2007

Tremedous success at tournaments!

As I still have no money at my account, all I can do is play freerolls. Blowed one, blowed second, but the third was good! I didn't even know, what I was playing for. Played for three hours until got really tired and gave my chips away on purpos - it was really late. For finishing in 135th place out of 4000 I recieved 4 points, what is roughly 2 cents. Yey!

January 23, 2007

Fascist US and from what I am pissed off the most.

Recently guys at Wicked Chops told uz about article in 911, where interview with Eric Morris, "the dwarf-fearing", Atlanta-based publisher of Bluff Magazine.

In this quite long piece of text Eric Morris says pretty loud words:

"Take a deep look into what is going on and you will see that OUR county is more communist then that of Russia? Yes, that is right; we live in a fascist regime where it is ok to play the lottery, bet on the ponies and dob a bingo card, because our Govt can once again control their cut of the pie. Should we just close the country down so none of our citizens can leave for better opportunities elsewhere!"

Well, I have spent some time under that fuckin' USSR [I am from LATVIA], so have some more info on the matter. We are all very happy to be free from those communist fuckers, but I can't disagree with mr.Morris, that there are serious damage for human rights in this case.

But what about I am pissed off the most - that US institutions now try to push around foreign [Europe's] organisations in such an open way.

- - - - - - -

And yes, NETeller founders go to court next month.

January 22, 2007

OH! Thank You, UltimateBet! Truth about Gabe Caplan. MS buys FF.

I seems I could never get any bonus - either timing was wrong or I just din't have any spare minute [I do live seven/eight hours ahed of US, you know]. So I was very glad to log in in my webmail and read following message:

"Get a MASSIVE Reload Bonus up to $650!
For a limited time, get a MASSIVE 100% Reload Bonus up to $650 when you make a deposit using one of the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, ePassporte, ATMonline and Click2Pay..."

Ok. Let's be realistic - I will not be able to deposit more than 100$. But... It's a money afterall. Ofcourse - I would gladly deposit 650$ and just play even through the month. But it's too much money...

Keep fingers crossed for me and pray, that I get the mony at next five days! Couse, when You canm but don't want to play is one thing, but when You want, but can't...

And another thing - every day gonna play those freerolls, where You can win "UB Pro Package 100'000$". I know, I'm not gonna win that thing, but at least will get some understanding about tournaments as such.

- - - - - - - Random fun - - - - - -

For all of You "High Stakes Poker" fans - have you seen a website dedicated to HSP host Gabe Caplan?

And did You know, that Microsoft purchased FireFox?

Aussie Millions PartII

Yes. I messed up something with that news about Lintgren taking down Aussie Millions. Gus Hansen is the guy.

Everybody knows him. His play - I'll better not thinking about it. Great style, great, as we could say, craftmanship. He's walking on the ebge and never slips.

More @ PokerNews.

As You can see in the right side of Poker Disasters, I have no money at the tables. That's right. Some Family reasons two days ago forced me to withdraw. So now, for some time, I will be just cruising forums, blogs and play freerolls. Try to play, at least.

January 19, 2007

New iTV station and some beer

Well. Guys from Wicked Chops announced the birth of new internet TV called "RawVegas". As their site, this TV will be about poker, girls around poker, girls just becouse they're hot and... various shit we are not interested in. The hosts are two, as I understood, Playboy models or whatnot. Just googled one of them [Denise Pernula] - check out the second pic from the bottom - "I just been run over by a car, while cruising the streets in a bikini". Stupid photo.

Otherwise - that TV doesn't work. The only thing I can see by now is their channel's trailer - nothing more. Maybe couse I'm on Mac right now...

On other news: despite my huge month salary I got this week, I'm gonna drink some beer tonigt. If anybody want to join - very welcome: Lāčplēša 42/22!

January 18, 2007

Somebody is really fucked up! [Neteller case]

I just don't get it! Some people in America is really fucked up! One of two guys arrested for nothing just payed 5millon dollars and gave his passport away just to me able walk in the streets, not around cell. Second guy still inprisoned.

And now Neteller pulls out of US market. Nice goverment u have there!

More on issue:
At PokerNews
At SoundOfSuckout
At UpForPoker [Neteller answers]
And on the bright side:
At GoBeRude


OK. To make a things little brighter, here You go some sugar. We playing safe, as they say!

Sometimes we must let it go...

Ok. NL 25$.

I am on the button with QQ and after two limpers bump it up to 1.25$. Blinds, who are tight and decent players call, as well as two middle position limpers, who are marked as loose, very loose players who will go till the end with TopPairNoDamnKicker.

Flop comes J 9 6 two clubs.

Everybody checks to me and I decide to take the pot right here with 2$ bet. Blinds fold. First green limper calls [hmmmm....] second limper goes all-in with 10$. SHIT!!!

My first thought is AJ for him, but then, suddenly, only thing I see is a set for him. I have him covered, but I decide, that my queens are no good here. I fold. Wow - the first green limper goes all-in, too!

I am pretty happy, that I folded my overpair. I am happy for about ten seconds. Those guys went in with all their money with straight draws. Won the first guy, who made pair of tens on the river. So - yes - I let go pretty big pot there. But I still haven't figured, was my folding wrong. I guess that was a right move.

January 16, 2007

NETeller arrests and my rock bottom [?] UPDATED

On NETteller:
Founders of NETteller, the largest gambling money processor in the world, arrested in Los Angeles.

Follow story through here:

Neteller execs charged in gambling case
NETeller ex-directors on money laundering charges


Yeah. Today is very sad day. Overall my salary today consisted [after paying all the things I must pay for] of monies I can buy ...eeee... about 40 beers for. Dang! That's the amount I must live throughout whole month. Maaan, that sucks. No wonder, the fun of work is lost.

January 15, 2007

Do You accept kangaroo money?

Apart from losing money at the tables, nothing particulary interesting. Aussie Millions is over and Eric Lingren is a happy winner of kangaroo monies. If you are reading this, Eric, congrats. Otherwise nothing more to say.

Read more about AM at PokerNews and Tao of Poker.

And yes. Live at the Bike is even better than HSP.

January 12, 2007


Yep. Found one of his [actually "her's"] minios. The guys [maybe girls] name is Scarehooker and he keeps busting me. Nice name, huh! But I guess this is good, couse thanks to him I have [verrrrrry costly] understood one of my leaks - I just can't lay down good hands. Yesterday that "hooker" cleanded me up for 40$ just becouse my full house wasn't good. About days ago he busted me with set over set. Damn...

Laydowns. Do the freakin' laydowns. Funny thing is, that my guts screamed at me "he's got you beat!!!". But nooo - "Me have card good! Me give money he!". Stupid donkey.

On other news: as we all love "Poker After Dark", here you go some candeee!

on Poker Disasters:
- yes, starting from this post, we have tag named "candy" also.
- yes, I mean - no, there will be not a review about Hellmuth's video
- please, come again! Enter link to my blog at Your places. Send me money. Or beer. I love beer.

January 10, 2007

REVIEW: No Limit: A Search for the American Dream on the Poker Tournament Trail

NOTE! Bad words used. I am not rude person, it's just a way it must be told. And this is my own personal subjective view of things.

To be short - don't buy it!

The plot : "...A bi-coastal couple, Susan and Tim, carry their independent film company and four-year-old son on an eight month ride through the world of tournament poker. Their plan: Play in six high-stakes poker tournaments. Win some money. Document their journey. Save their company...."

The player is Susan Genard and she plays Omaha and Stud. Also this movie features a lot of significant pro players, who tell you bit something about poker world.

This movie I would like to divide in two parts: "Susan and shit" and "Quotes of the pros".

Quotes of the pros

The best part of this film. I guess nobody will hear there anything new, but it's interesting to see all those people to say a little something about this and that. These quotes [not longer than minute] are scattered throughout all films lenght.

Susan and shit

Ok, I will not talk about her poker game as such, couse stakes we play are not the same, nor format [cash vs. tourney]. I will talk about all these scenes of life between her and her "husband".

Everybody have white spots and black spots. What I don't understand, why the hell those black spots should be shown in front of other people and ask money for that. In this movie [do-cu-men-ta-ry] first plan person around whom the film is made, is egoistic and dull bitch. Believe me, I tend to see films from beginning to end, but here I barely made past 20 minutes. Through the whole movie we see stupid person bragging about bad luck and "shitting over" her "husband". Believe me - there's nothing more.

Husband is under the question mark also. My bet is, he loves kids [they got three] and stays with that woman just becouse of them. But sometimes I just can't understand, how, I mean HOW the man can live with person, who call you an idiot almost in every sentence? Ok, maybe I am too old to understand [27], but, God, I hope I will never turn to such a weak boy as he is.

Funny thing is, in the films ending part Susan discovers she's pregnant. I bet "husband" isn't really sure of all things...

Just trust me on one main thing - DON'T PAY MONEY FOR IT!!!

OK. Here are some resources:

Susan Genard: Hot or not - @ 2+2
Film @ IMDB
Some stats @ CardPlayer
Movie homepage

Money as a tool of poker

About stooopid things I did recently:

Number 1: have you heard about not bluffing a calling station? Sure you have. I thought that way too. Why didn't I act accordingly? In fact I often don't act with my previous reads [notes] in mind. Costly. Very costly.
Number 2: was I glad to see, I have comments on my page! But what I didn't see, that I was turned on "comment moderation" in blog's settings. Aghhh. Thanks for support! Thank You and Thank You!

Money as tool.

I am a poor bastard, banks hate me and, even that I am what I am, I have a pretty dead-end job, I am glad to realize, that I have never considered my bankroll money as money I can spend. Today I was down two buy-ins, but menaged to get it all back and even earn something, but not for a split of a second I thought about those dollars as money I could buy some big piece of meat with - today, tomorrow and day after that. I think that's good.

On upcomig review:

Today saw that movie. Review will not be a pleasant one. Coming up in about 12 hours :]

January 09, 2007

REVIEW: Barry Greenstein's "Ace On The River"

OK. My first review. I made it as short as possible.

Let’s start as all people do – from the end of the book.

Well. Yes, tournament poker is the most popular in the world, and „Ace On The River“ doesn’t make and exception and pays it’s dept to it – although Barry is a cash game player by his own definition, the hand histories, presented in book is only from tournaments.

The hand histories and explanations of ways, how author played them, are wery well presented. But, in the same time, they leave much room to make a reader his own analysis.

I guess, the main reason, why they are interesting and not similar to all other books telling you, is personification. Barry strongly encourages to make us to make our own decisions, as long as they are well thought through. And this could be one of the main things, most of the books lack to do.

Without hands, there are lot's of hints and tips presented in very interesting and casual manner.

Overall the book is very interesting. But I just CAN’T say, that this book is about poker game. It’s about poker life. Different angles of game itself, society, dirty ones and good ones. It’s a book written from perspective of real man, not cards and numbers. You almost get that smell of the room described, feel that stuborness after significant loss.

I could compare „AOTR“ with math book with which you can really sit in that train, what goes from point A to point B. You won’t regret.

Book at Amazon

January 05, 2007

Bits from blogs for mourning plesure

OK, here's the thing - now is friday's mourning and I always love to read something light and funny before work. So, here is some nice hand [well told] from "Jacks are ok".

And here are the absolutely truthful quotes from GoBeRude:

You've Always Got Time For Beer.
Better Living Through Beer.
You Too Can Have A Beer Like Mine.
Absolut Beer.
Make Room for the Beer.
Beer Is Job 1.
Make Every Beer Count.
The Beer Effect.
Don't Get Mad, Get Beer.
Beer, Take Me Away.
I Want My Beer.
I Can't Believe It's Not Beer.
Moms Like You Choose Beer.
Nothing Comes Between Me And My Beer.
Life's Pretty Straight Without Beer.
Happiness is Beer-Shaped.
Promise Her Anything, But Give Her Beer.
Have You Had Your Beer Today?
Beer Makes Everything Better.
Ding-Dong! Beer Calling!
Beer Keeps Going and Going.
So Easy, No Wonder Beer is #1.
I Bet He Drinks Beer.

January 04, 2007

Money and poker rooms

OK. I am new to the poker community - no million years spent in the game, but pretty much is going on in poker world, no doubt about that.

Ofcourse, the biggest thing last year was UIGEA boom and all to that releated. Recently there was numerous claims, that several Full Tilt accounts had been hacked and FT people didn't do anything about it. Now Pokerroom...

Must admit, for some reason didn't know about it till today, and if you haven't either, here we go: there was a Christmas Special 19K tourney at Pokerroom and the price for competing there was just 20+2$. Pretty fine, heh?! So, guy wons, recieves about 3800$ in winnings and the next day recieves a letter from PR which said something like "sorry, but we overpaid you, so we're taking Your monies back". Pretty cool, considering, that official response [I guess] from PR about this incident came only two weeks after massive wave of complains floating online.

p.s. A little from my favorite rock radio station:
- Mom, give metal to me. It's too heavy for you!

To Limp or not to limp?

As it's said in that legendary movie: "You can't loose what you don't put in the middle, but you can't win much either". Egh. It's true, you know.

OK, after big bustout I made my current roll from 8$, but still, overall, I am not a winning player. So there are leaks to be plugged. After yesterday's session there was a disapointment - it seems I've lost my agression somewhere. I don't even 3bet often. Just minraise.. minraise... I believe, that this is a main reason, I sometimes experience too many suckouts against me.

Ferguson, don't remember where, once said, that he strongly believes, that limping in is a bad play - he tries to come in the game always with the same raise - either he's holding AA or 97soooted. There are moments I want to enduce that play in me, but when it comes to one gap connectors I often just don't want to put such money in for those cards. Even with my most favorite hand of all times - QT. Gotta work on that...

Second thing - continuation bets. Weeeee, they give me trouble. Like mighty Matusows speach in HSP about getting out of the bluff - it's difficult. Specially on the flop.

p.s. review is coming up this weekend.

January 03, 2007

Poker reviews

OK. Take a look to the right column - "CHECK BACK FOR" - there will be frequently posted upcoming events in Poker Disasters. As You can see - in next few days I'll post a review of Barry Greenstein's book "Ace On The River".

Also, there will be reviews of poker videos and maybe poker rooms.

Can You loose money due a slow connection?

Of course, the answer is "YES"!

As we know [or don't], UB gives us 2 all-in protections per day. Yesterday I had worst connection imaginable and my two protections was gone in first five minutes. I struggled and struggled about one and a half an hour. That was a complete disaster.

Over the course of about very few hands I managed to climb a bit, but in two pretty big hands and got disconnected again The biggest dissapointment was while slowplaying full house of Kings against calling station. Guess what! Disconnected on the river!

So, lost for about 7 bucks overall that session and turned off computer being -1$ for the day.

Tip: If You think, that 7 bucks isn't much, think different: it's almost 1/3 of buy-in. So, if You play 5/10$ stakes, for example, its 300$ down the tubes. Isn't that nice! DON'T PLAY, WHEN YOU HAVE CONNECTION PROBLEMS!

UPDATE: Today managed to play some 30 hands during lunch brake - same shit. Call to a provider cleared things up - have to wait 24 hours.

January 02, 2007

Update about contents of this place

Ok. There are planned about 50 links to blogs and news sites by tomorrows evening.

If You want to play at good site - use links in left side and bottom of page to go and register to UB. [ha.ha.ha.]

This post will be deleted as soon as I finish most of the things, but visually I am done. I guess.

New place to be

Well - yes. "osinshpoker@blogspot" died. I guess because I made too narrow concept for that. So, as the blogspot service became better I decided to make a step further. So, here will be stuff not only about me, but interesting stuff from poker world, links to good stories and shit, too.

All posts will be devided by labels such as
- strategy
- people
- fun
- money
- random
...and such.

If You are visiting me between 2.nd and 4th january - here's all pretty empty. In the next couple days I will fill this place with all the blogs and places I visit almost daily [via RSS reader mostly].

I will start my statistics as well.

...and will search for the ways to popularize " Poker Disasters"

If You are adding mPD to your RSS or have any seuggestions - please, inform me!