April 29, 2007


Just signed up for Doyle's Room for that 5K freeroll [even he is the ass, as I told you in a previous post]. Registration and lobby IS a bitch.

And I have two beers left - it IS a bitch, too.

Cash games at my limits ARE bitch too - rivered boat over boat suck big time. I hate suckers.

And just for no reason I will say it again - BITCH!

p.s. have a nice day!


April 26, 2007

Oh, and yes - hilarious thing at UltimateBet - Roshambo!

Just logget onto UB. This is awesome.

Why on the earth? I can imagine how people loughed at UB, when heard about that kind of suggestion from wiseass marketing people, and how they loughed, when those plans appeared to be actually true.

And that new button about "Ultimate Buddy" - not good.

I have some complains to make about certain people

Well, while playing solid and a little passive poker, I've read about some bullshit recently.

First of all, thats the Doyle Brunson's speach about all that lack of passion about poker he has since UIGEA. He speaks about UIGEA's coused problems with "Doyle's Room" and so on... MAN, with all raspect, get over it! Can you imagine some NBA star looses passion in basketball, just becouse his team's jerseys are not sold out and then brags about it?!

I little bit of shock to hear something like that from one of the biggest poker faces in the world. Oh, and here is that speech.

The second thing isn't that big, actually. Just I don't thing Jennifer Tilly is SO hot. [Jen, if you read this, I like you very much, but you're just not so hot].

And, for the third thing - Brat explodes again.

April 25, 2007

A little read and a little gamble

Well, yes. I am starting to believe, that learned to say "No" and quit, when even a little steam shows up.

Yesterday I started steming after very interesting hand. People involved was a passive rock in early position and super tilted guy on the button. I was in between.

The rock raises 2BB, what is uuuber fishy bet from him and I put him on AA or KK - momentarily. I really looking forward to outdraw him here and call with KQo. I am already considering, that tilty guy will call as well with any drawing hand like mine or worse.

So. The flop comes 2KQ with two diamonds. As I have one K, the board has another, by my reads, I put the raiser most likely to AA and his pot sized bet just shows it. I triple his bet in order so send tilted drawing hand go away. But instead - tilted one pushes. Rock calls. Now I have to call about the same amount I raised - a little bit more. With hopes, that my read about AA is right, I do that.

The turn and river are bricks. As I predicted - the tilty guy had JTo and didn't get anything. That rocky guy had KK.

Half of buy-in is gone and I am leaving the table.


On other news - yesterday told that I am quitting my job. It feels good.

April 21, 2007

Bankroll management

If you are feeling drunk - stop playing.

And guess what!


I become smart, I guess.

What do you do after? You listen to a Number Of The Beast, drink beer and wish that some people send you a Maker's Mark - we don't get it around here.

April 19, 2007

About those passive rocks / poker table and how the freelance work sucks

Yesterday finally played a good two hour session [wasn't capable for more - this spring time always make me sleepy prety early] and pointed myself one strategy bullet, I will try out next couple days.

Almost at any table there is one Rocky Rockerson, who plays only AA,KK,QQ. He scary raises them preflop for about 3/3,5 BB. So, if he opens in early position and there is no or one caller, I will call almost with any 2-gapper. Of course, I will do that only if we both are pretty big stacked and there are no some kind of maniac between us. The thing is, that if there comes a good flop for me, or scary flop for him, he just might throw his overpair away.

Of course, this is not a strategy against every bigstack or multiway pot - in that case it will just destroy you bankroll.

On other news: I guess I'm getting more disciplined. Step by step.

p.s. I will make myself a poker table. A round one - we don't need that casino monster at home. It will come from that freelance work money I mentioned earlier. ...but it's pain in the ass. Slowly, from good design of a pretty webpage, thanx to clients wishies, I am making picture, I will not call mine. Of course, I'm trying to argue [softly] with them, but there is just too much bad ideas, they want to see.

April 18, 2007

Back in full throttle!

Recently I compared my blog entries here and over my latvian [non poker] space and got a little weird numbers. In three months over here I have made almost 70 entries, but over there just about twenty. So, for some reason, I decided to take it cool over here. But You know - it's not so easy. By updating my blog, I was always aware about happenings around, but, after some laziness during last week, I found, that I am a little lost. No no delays. Poker Disasters is back in a full throttle!!!

Been playing a lot of tournaments lately - freerolls, couse just can't adjust to a thought, that someone can pay for that. And achieved somewhat a milestone - 11th place out of 640. A was so proud of myself.

Finally got my Click2Pay account up and running. It's the only place, latvian people can register without major pain in the ass. Damn. It's not the third world by any means, but those services tend to come into our market pretty slow.

"California Split" review still [yes, still] coming up.

April 13, 2007

Difference between Adolph Hitler and George W. Bush

If You don't know about KV's death, then You even don't need to, I guess. But just heard interesting fact about him from a friend of mine. Yesterday in BBC World some journalists called to a literature specialist in US. He spoke about KV, his works and life and how he was dissapointed about today's happenings regarding US politics. In his last years KV traveled a lot and held lectures in many student camps around US, and often used a following frase:

"What is the difference between Adolph Hitler and George W. Bush - difference is that Hitler was elected."

Interesting fact and a good "joke".

Poker content later. Watch for upsoming review of "California Split". Finally, heh!

April 12, 2007

Where is the magic? / PPA live chat

Well. Yes. Where is that magic gone? I see no magic there! [and damn, the best cards I got yesterday in about 300 hands was AJo in BB. Hell. But I am not complaining, no. Just I guess I am on one of those streaks.

And here is the magic:
On other news: You have still time to register to live Poker Players Alliance Chat with Senator Alfonse D’Amato. Oh, link.... Here.

April 05, 2007

How to build your poker bankroll fast / my girl hates poker

Yes! I have an answer! And the answer is - loose your whole bankroll except 86 cents.

In about ten hours I multiplied my bankroll almost 30 times!!!

Sounds good, heh?! Yeah! If it would not be at the .01/.02 tables, it would be like a dream. Hah. So, yeah - I am moving up the stakes! Again!

I really hope, that this is the last time, I am playing like donkey. I am revising some teachings from books and friend I never met [thanx, man!]. And three days playing smart. And it feels good.

And yes, finally, I will buy a real papery thing about poker. I chose "No Limit Hold 'em: Theory and Practice" by Sklansky and Miller - after reading reviews and stuff I guess this will do best for me.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Otherwise - my girlfriend getting really annoyed every single time, I mention something about poker. I guess, we finally reached that point, hah. So now I am keeping my mouth shut [does Matusow have a woman?].

- - - - - - - - - - -

And now we have four free days thanks to Easter. Congrats to everyone, to whom it means something.

- - - - - - - - - - -

On other news:
World Poker Association Names Nine to Board of Trustees

- - - - - - - - - - -


April 03, 2007

High Stakes Poker Season Four / + another four little points

Of course, forgot to mention about who won the EPT in Monte Carlo [here and here]. Congrats to Gavin Griffin.

Of course, I don't want to mention about people draw out on me in no fold'em about once in 20 hands.

Of course, I want to mention, that I got very sweet freelance deal and there is a plan to purchase sweet chips and a couch.

AND, of course, I am happy about forth season of High Stakes Poker on GSN.

For a "point nr. five" - Something Stinks! Could it be the timing of BetOnSports founder Stephen Kaplan's arrest?

OK. Let's play some again.

Big move against Ivey

Just got to post it here:

April 02, 2007

Funny stuff between Brat and Kid and no biz news at all

Well, been a while.

Just hilarious, how Daniel Negreanu answered to Phil Hellmuth's post [which I find pretty sad in a ways about PH person]. Daniel's answer is here.

...and yes - FT have resizable windows.

Wow. Tried to play four [4!(c)] tables in lowlow stakes. Play straight, do nothing NOTHING fancy and result will follow. Too afraid to try it higher though.