March 14, 2008

There's just some days, you're feeling that damn life tilt more strongly

Today I felt so fucking tired of all this "no-monies" life, that has been an issue for me for last four months, I wanted just to get drunk hard, even it's friday's mourning and I got to go to work. If I had some money, I don't know... There's just some days, you're feeling that life tilt more strongly.

There's good news, though, too. Girlfriend found a job. Weeeee! So after a month or so I will have some break. At least I hope so. Also there's a possibility to get a computer via my work - a good one, with 24" monitor [no, I don't think here about multitabling. I am thinking about designing I will be able to do at home and earn extra buck], 4GB RAM and some hyper videocard. But, as we say sometimes here in Latvia, "hopes are stupid man's relief". Or something like that.

Oh, and there's an extra - long forgotten lease company finally remembered me and now asks their funds back. Today gonna make a call to them and will try to talk my way through. Hope it works out. In big picture I even don't know, what they can do to me, apart of braking my bones. Nothing really. I have nothing.

Stay true.

March 13, 2008

Nothing really...

...cause I still have no computer at home and play a little from work now and then.

Just had a little thought about rake - in 3200 hands this month rake took 35 dollars. That means I pay 1c for every hand I play. That's a fucking ripoff, if You ask me.