March 30, 2007

Well, what can I say?

Nothing. Apart from showing You this - it's a best thing regarding [not!] poker I have to say/show.

March 28, 2007

Jamie Gold and his mistakes

Well. UpForPoker has a post about the press release from WSOP, which states about new rules in the upcoming big event and their "thoughts" about Jamie Gold's behavior last year in two episodes, when he told about his cards and showed one at the time, where action wasn't over for more than one player.

They say, that, of course, they can't do anything about those mistakes their people made by not seeing the violations of the rules, but, at this point, they are very glad, that Gold agreed, that his behavior wasn't even close to spotsmanship.

I must agree, that at first, especially after reading many, many, many sources of info and personal opinions, I didn't like Gold at all. But, after all he's been doing last three or four months - apologizing all over the places, being good guy and so on, I must give him credit - if he is a scumbag, he's done a great work to not look like it. Above that, he looks like ok guy.

So, let's see, how does in this year's WSOP.

p.s. full-assed post.

p.p.s. look to the left [of the blog] - now you can skype me!

March 27, 2007

Idiot with a hammer

Couse You just can't earn any money, by dropping a buy-in in the benning of the session [KK vs. AA], then climbing back two hours and then thinking like: "It's my last hand - all is good preflop"...

So, there I see 72o UTG. Limp. Raise to 4BB from late position, BB calls, I, being an idiot with a hammer, raise to 8BB. Original raiser calls, BB fold. The flop comes A7T. I fire half the pot and am minraised. After a little stumble and look at opponents stack I'm send him all-in. By doing that, I put in almost a buy-in in the middle [so much for those two hours. He tanks.

And I just can't wait him to show the hammer after he folds, couse, he's gotta fold his tight ass, right?!


He calls with two pair [AT] and wins.

And, as I was an idiot with the hammer, I stayed an idiot. Oh, those precious feelings...

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I like stories like these.

And... Neteller pulls out from Canada and Turkey [regarding gaming].

March 26, 2007

We suck at European Poker Tour

With "we" I mean folks from Latvia. As everything is approached to EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo, I decided to have a look to people participating there. Never saw a single televised episode
of EPT [I will do that sometime, though], so there wasn't any particular reason why I went to their site. But, as I was there, I decided to do a little research - how many latvian poker players play there. Baaa! Not a single one! There are even people from our neighbouring countries!

It's sad from one side. But from other side - I can still be the first one [although I am a poor bastard right now].

As for this season's grand final, the site writes the following: "There are currently 640 players registered for the Grand Final. This will produce a record prize pool of more than €6 million, making the EPT Season 3 Grand Final the richest poker touranment ever held outside the USA. The winner will receive more than €1,600,000 (over US $2,200,000)."

About that Neteller case: turns out, that those 75 days aren't meant to be the payment
deadline. More at KickAssPoker.

March 23, 2007

Poker Disasters update

WCP made me smile this mourning. Just loved their sentence ", a site we read for its hot photos of playing cards and dice". Nothing much.

And yes - finally I've found a way to get back to reviewing things. As You can see at the right side column, I will write a review on the movie "California Split".

For now Poker Disasters already have reviews on:
- Ace On The River
- Poker Bustouts
- No Limit: A Search for the American Dream on the Poker Tournament Trail

You are very welcome to check them out, if You haven't done that yet.

March 21, 2007

Neteller will return customers money seized by FBI / The thing You're not allowed to know

Yes. These are the biggest news for all of You over the pond. While I tried to set up an Neteller account yesterday [they don't work with Latvia, grrrrrr], I decided to check out special notice for US costumers at their front page.


The recent agreements between NETELLER, Navigant Consulting, and the US Attorney’s Office (USAO) represent an important step in the process of an orderly distribution of funds to US customers. These agreements outline the terms and a timeline under which NETELLER will work toward distributing the funds. As a result, the Group anticipates that within the next 75 days it will be able to announce the plan by which the funds will be distributed to US customers.

Everything else is here.


Was at the local casino a week before [just to pick up a friend for some beer elsewhere] and asked a dealer how often do they change the decks. I got an answer, that I have no right to know that. That's bullshit.

March 20, 2007

Raymer's account hacked / People getting mad

Yeah. Many news throughout the all kinds of resources.

The loudest so far, of course, is that Greg Raymer's account at Poker Stars had been cracked. In the end that lucky bastard get lucky again and saves all his money - fans, family and PS did that for him! More - here. Also at KickAssPoker You can read about cancelling of Ireland Championships. One hour before start!!!

At Kriegers we can read about Neteller case - the hearing is postponed, people with frozen money gets madder not by days, but by the hours.

And, of course, super interview at Tao.

March 19, 2007

Rodel Tuazon wins Mansion Poker Dome Grand Final

Yes! That madness is over. Actually, after I did tell some unpleasant thoughts about Poker Dome, I happened to read more about it at some blogs. It made me reconsider my views.

A little harsh - didn't know, that only one guy is payed. Tough spot. Nevertheless - here You can read all about that final.

March 16, 2007

Cardplayer IP adress shows up again / weird Bodog ad

The first thing: "I started it all!!!" [see my previous entry].

But, if serious, the Cardplayer's IP adress once again shows up in Poker Disasters. This time though, it's a bit more serious matter: someone from CP made a comment on ThePokerBiz regarding Bluff magazine's and WSOP deal about exclusive media rights at this years big event.

Comment was as follows: "“Awarded?” Buying an overpriced package from the cash hungry WSOP is hardly a coup. More realistically the folks at Bluff have bitten off more than they can chew. Would not be surprised if the fees bankrupt them. Bluff is mediocre at best, as is the WSOP, and the whole thing looks like an impending slow motion train wreck."

So, all the other stuff about this is here.

on other news:
take a look on this captioun I took from Bodog's ad banner. Didn't they had a photo of that damn woman, so they get to draw one? Looks weird, to say at least.

March 15, 2007

WSOP is coming / And I am proud!

And thats why we hear from the organisers more and more stuff - some good, some bad.

As we [me and my cat] browsed through RSS reader, the main news regarding WSOP is, for sure, recently held teleconference between WSOP hosts and journalists [only 30]. All about that You can read at Pokerti and KickAssBlog. Interesting.

WPT Enterprises just released their numbers about 4th quater of year 2006. The net loss is 1.1M, what is somewhat better compared to 2005. 4th quaters 1.4M. The shares are dropped by 5c in their value. But overall there are less clouds and everybody is/will be happy. More @ PokerNews.

* * * * * * *

And, yeah-yeah-yeah, I am proud - just for a moment, tiny tiny moment, by blog was visited by someone from CardPlayer:

Don't know why, though :]

March 13, 2007

Don't use auto-login on Your poker account! / Random bits

There is an old saying, with what we start the stories: "I have a friend, and he..." ...and then put in your own text.

So I have a friend who plays online poker, too. One day he got pretty drunk and, knowing good his lessons from the past, forgot about playing poker whatsoever. BUT - he have a friend, who didn't want to forget all this shit and, between a little party, sneaked to my friends laptop and played some cash [yes - autologin and password rememberer is always a good thing for a third persons].


Today [after three days of not playing] my friend logs into his account and sees, that half of his bankroll is gone. The funny thing, that he isn't mad on his friends. He's happy, that another half of money is still there.

The bad person "doesn't remember anything" and got no money.

Funny things, ya know.


And here some bits from other sources:

World's largest law firm to advise Neteller in their fight with the US Department of Justice from Lou Krieger's blog

Lucko shows one hand. These kind of hands gives trouble to me, too.


And what about that "Mansion Poker Dome"? Maybe I don't see the same shit, as people over the pond?! But if that is the one, where six people sit behind glass [at least this kind of show with the same label I can sometimes catch via "VIASAT Sport 3" channel... I think that this show stinks, errrrrr, big time.

March 12, 2007

Bloggerpods: didn't get it

Staying late in the night between sunday and monday fo a tournament isn't the first thing we choose to do, but when You can earn an iPod, then You must do it.

I guess I did well. For the first hour or so I was among chipleaders, my play was pretty confident and, even being a little passive, there ere no problems to get your stack growing. But, everthing ends. For me it ended against "mclarich", who wanded to push me of the hand on the flop. I knew, I was good, but the unlucky card on the turn sent me home in 28 [out of 72 or so] place.

March 11, 2007

Sloughter at the table [good one, blje]

Hi kids! Today I will tell you "How to get sloughtered at the table"!

First thing You want to do, is double up in the first hand. Then, my little friend, You want to see another your friend to double up in a first hand.

Then wait about two hands.

Then, my little bitch or my little motherfucker, you want to raise in position with Ace Queen sooooted. You HAVE TO get the double-up-boy to call you and must to get two queens and a deuce on the flop. You, being super smart, check the rainbowed flop and see unmeaningful turn.

And the betting goes!

One big pot, you know. Who, THE FUCK, could know, that he had pocket deuces?

OK, my little friend - down a buyin in a first orbit is not so bad! Don't cry, my little baby!

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is to get pocket kings in the next two hands and flush down another two buyins thanx to opponents rivered straight to AK and set of tens.

AND NOW - go and join some mazochist club, couse that's where you belong!

Did you get it, my little friend? Yes? Shove off then.

March 09, 2007

Live Tracing

Recently mentioned about a poker releated job opportunity I was so happy about. Well, a few days ago wanted to remind about myself to a guy, who responded to me after I sended an aplication - guess what - he is no longer with company [autoreply]. Not a response I waited for, to say the least. Anyway, sended again to different email and now again playing a waiting game. That sucks. I am not quitting - that for sure, couse for a job as such I am fully experienced and qualified. I just want the opportunity to fight for it, nothing more.

Still hadn't run through my feed - those little time bits now and then aren't enough. So, by now, a little browsing from the work.

Just read a thread in Pocket Fives. Some obviously dummmmm play is described, but almost everyone runs to cheer up the guy. It's like with that Bucklox kid from YouTube. It's nothing, really, just to make a little smile. Also, the game itself is 2$NL - there can't be anything serious anyways.

Now for some serious stuff!!!

March 08, 2007

Sometimes [no poker content. no content at all, if you ask me]

Sometimes it's just isn't a day, when You want to write something. Sometimes lack of inspiration touches almost every aspect of your daily life.

So, what do we do from here?

Nothing. Just make ourselves a good meal and rest - with no deep thoughts or action paced... actions. No thoughts, no actions - they find ya themselves.

March 03, 2007

Slow poker article about five things with different speed

Sometimes I read some stuff in forums like "I started six months ago playing online with 50$ and now earning 4000$ per month"... Something like this is all across places. If honest, these words sometimes make me feel miserable. Ok, not miserable, but slow. The thing is, I don't consider myself slow. But, I guess, the are no slow people, who thinks they're slow. where was I...

Oh, yes. There is a thread in 2+2, where people say, that PartyPoker is sold to some german company. Didn't read it myself, but maybe it's worth to check it out.

In the same time Kriegers blog tells us about two more poker rooms entering US market.

And when I feel slooooow, it's very nice to hear, that someone's had success. I am a good person.

Since there hasn't been much candy lately - here you can see another way how to promote a seatpost.

March 02, 2007

I will set up YOU!

Myes. Now there are 45 people who wants an iPod. Myes. Just counted. Myes - tournament poker. What the hell is it?

So - fear me!I will play like him! I'll set up YOU!

And, if you don't believe me, that I can win iPod, just check out results of L.A. Poker Classic Final.

March 01, 2007

Blogger stuff

Eghh. Just a late post, couse girlfriend is already asleep but I just can't close my eyes.

Updated monthly feature - just throw your eyes to the left [then pick them up and take a look to the left column in my blog. Really heartworming stuff.

And, if You feel like thinking [or donking for that matter], can You tell What is the moral of this story?