October 31, 2007

A few funny things I encountered today whilst playing

OK. Maybe not so funny, but they made me smile. The first one comes from todays online game.
After everyone folded I raised from the cutoff with 55. And the big blind - super tight nit with stats about 5/0 called. "Wow!", I thought.

The flop came Kxx and villain checked. As K was most definetly in his range, I just checked behind [cause, yes, I am nit, too] and thought "Five". Turn brought another K. Another check and check behind. River brings me nice boat with third 5. And guess what - that rock decides to bet half the pot. That was just like a big poster - "I have a King!!!". I 3-bet him and villain goes all-in with the rest of the stack. I call and take the chips.

"What the fuck is funny there?!?", you might ask. The phrase he said after the hand:

"What a luck!!! Fish!!!"

The second comes from TV. Was watching EPT 3rd season's London event at there was some IT specialist just busted out. With all seriousness in his face he said:

"Well, I look at the people's body language, tells and stuff." Well, that "tells and stuff" cracked me up really hard.

And I saw Isabelle Mercier busting out. That wasn't funny at all. But it makes a good reason to put her photo in Poker Disasters, doesn't it?!

Doyle's interview sucked / I am a calling station

Recently Cardrunners webpage brought to us Townsend's interview with Doyle Brunson. As promising the beginning of the interview was, the worst was the rest. Except the fact that Doyle went broke hundred times, we don't hear nothing new [maybe even that isn't something new]. Nothing. And, really, there isn't any difference, are those questions asked by a poker pro or some wacko chick with long legs and stupid smile. And the end of that piece slaps you in the face with a feeling, that even a sentence isn't finished. Of course, I am the bastard, who can only shit on others and can't come up with decent post himself, but nevertheless - I have some journalist experience on my on and maybe deserve some credit. Maybe not. I don't care.

Here you can learn about player Brunson fears the most. It's Chip Reese, who last year won nearly 1.8M at the WSOP H.O.R.S.E. event or something like that.

Oh, and yes - yesterday's evening session was bad. That curious dumb kid, we call "calling station", took over me and I payed off pretty much. POW - Payoff Wizard - that was my yesterday's name. So I took some hand histories to work today - to analyze them in some quiet time. Maybe even to post some on the forums.

Candy from MAXIM:

October 30, 2007

God doesn't share his thoughts with Yang / On-line Poker returns to US / Help me bust my UB account!

Last things first.

Well, after a while I thought I should make a little rundown through some fellow blogs and news. As always, one of my favorite writers is Otis and today I enjoyed his post called "Permission to shut up granted". Good news comes from PokerNews: BarryG [with PPA and other players] recently returned from the trip down to Congress and claims, that online poker will be back pretty soon. As we know, Doyle's Room is the first bird in that direction.

To my surprise, I recently discovered, that I have 8 cents on my UB account. Can anyone send me another 2c, so I can sit with 10c at the table and finally bust my account?

About on weekly basis I tend to look at Poker Disasters stats and this mourning pretty shocked me. There are the tab, that shows referring link and one just amaized me - "jerry yang+banned from Pokerstars". Heck! The first thought was: "wait a minute - he had some sort of a deal with FullTilt. At least he wear their logo at the WSOP!". But, you got to check, right?! It appeared false alarm, but, boy, this would be interesting. God have his purposes and he don't share them with Jerry! Yikes!

October 24, 2007

It does not matter at all

It doesn't matter what the hell I wanted... I wanted to write about how well I do in the next level of stakes and how variance finally doesn't hit me in the face. Instead I will write, that I just tilted off half a buy-in after losing the first half. I will make some pasta now and try to forget, how dull I played that AQ versus lose LAG, who turned the set of tens. I just hate myself right now...

October 23, 2007

Absolute Poker news - AG Green is one of those guys

Well, I guess I can't not to mention that all bs around super-user account cheating at Absolute Poker. Recently we got to here even more news with actual names in them. The name of AG Green seems the loudest at the moment - over that guys head will soon be the sword of justice. Well, we at least want to believe that.
Point-Spreads gives as the insight of all this case and Gambling 911 mentions even more detail. It looks like the fraud involves not 700K, like previously reported, but cool 7M. These monies were cheated off in a spam of three years... Someone no really feels like being on the edge.

October 22, 2007

Damn that alcohol! / Hottt

But it's very positive, when you, when feeling drunk, can move down the stakes and don't hate yourself in the mourning in the sense of lost money.

And even more joyful is when at your table sits another steaming drunktard with 80 VP$IP. Weeee!!!! Of course, you play only because of him. And, of course, you are up two buyins or so. And then, OF COURSE, that asshole decides to quit and you find yourself against 9% nits. You can't stop playing loose and lose everything and quit minus one BI. That's life.

Since I was bad and didn't post nothing in "candy" section lately - enjoy another beaute below. Unlike previous time - now here's actual celebrity - Eva Mendez. Hotttt. Here's more of her.

October 17, 2007

WCOOP winner disqualified. About time!

Well, I don't want to express joy about someone, who didn't maybe well deserved monies, but overall I am very glad, that Poker Stars managed this shady situation in this manner. If you enter big tournament, any tournament, you should think over all the matters, what can hurt you.

Imagine the joy of bubbleboy!!!

Here is the story.

October 16, 2007

King of the suckouts

Well, just a reminder for myself - I do suckout sometimes too.

I am the bettor on every street:

Sorry, no candy today - working from home, hah.

October 15, 2007

WBCOOP: damn! I was supposed to win an X-Box!!! Bitch.

No. Don't get me wrong - WBCOOP ain't a bitch. Not me, either. Noone is a bitch. I just sometimes want to say that word. With expression.

So - WBCOOP. Went out just before second brake. 6xx-something. Damn! Even after ten hours I can't figure out, did I played wrong or not. As always, I kept myself in the middle of the pack waiti9ng for the moment, where half of people tend to be nervous. It comes about time, where blinds climb up to 200 or 300. Average stacks start to worry. They see "Wow, I am squeezed between stacks three times larger than me!" and start to make moves. At this time we don't need to make moves ourselves - just respond to other tries to steal chips.

...and it all happened.

Till my stupid mind decides to raise 2000 [300/600] in CO with AJ sooooted. Ok - it's not THAT bad move. It's standard. But then lose bigstack button reraises me to 5000. If I call - I have 6789.12 left. I call. Cause, you know - HE'S SOOO LOOOOOSE! Board comes Q high. I realize, that if I check, he will definetly put me all-in. So I push. That bastard calls with JJ and, with no help in turn and river, I am out.

And won the guy, who's blog I can't even read! Come on - what's up with that!!??!

That's why we all look at candy below and try to go on our lives.

October 11, 2007

Let's celebrate!

Bought PAHUD today. Celebrated that with good poker session. Yes... Guess who won? [I got aces]


October 10, 2007

Jerry Yang at WSOP 2007 final table

Just watched his "amazing" performance with J8 in the Episode 25 of this year's WSOP. Damn! Are you serious! I am starting dislike this guy. He could pray on his knees. I think it's pretty bad to call for a Lord in such manner. And I am not some fanatic believer or whatnot.

P.S. Talking about his holiness: here's some good shots from his vacation.

October 09, 2007

Denise Pernula Playboy

It's still the most popular search entry, that leads to Poker Disasters. Thanks to pretty old post, where I mention, how stupid she looks. Oh well - come on, guys - CLICK!!!

October 08, 2007

How many Redbulls at 2007 WBCOOP?

Yeah. For me that tournament starts at 22:00. On Sunday! Before Monday! Not good.

If I manage to go deep [and I want to - 40K is good prize pool] - I will need serious doping. At this moment shopping list is as follows:
- 3 cans of Red Bull;
- 2l Fanta [can't drink Coke because of all that brandy+coke in my life];
- pack of smokes.

Poker - health friendly sport indeed!

October 04, 2007

But how! How can I resist?!?!

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 4737815