July 31, 2007

Do not give me "wet fish " / lessons start to come back / and I am picky [but finally find smthn]

Since I started to spend time in poker blog community, I pretty fast started to like Otis posts in Up For Poker. Yes, sometimes some posts just weren't for me - about places I've never been, where some dudes I couldn't possibly know, do something this and that. Well, these posts are just skipped without any hard feelings. Sometimes, though, there are very very good posts. Now Otis came up with good article about young poker [and non-poker] culture of young guns, who don't have much under their belt as decent, respectful human beings/persons. There's a good phrase, that pretty much described that new generation: "Their grasp on morality, etiquette, and the golden rule is as weak as their handshake". Spot on! Go ahead and read it - it's called "TLDNR".

On Game: After happy-happy post sometime earlier I must say, that cashgames are still soft, but I am starting to make same old mistakes. Every now and then I just must to drop down about half a buy-in to crawl back up and earn something. I remember, I wrote very similar lines at the beginning of the year. Hah. OK. It's good, that my forgotten lessons doesn't cost me as much as then. The big pause in playing did some bad things, but now I learning good old truths quite faster.

And yes - how can you survive [ok, you can - I'm just saying that] without some daily doze of beauty. This time it's some pics of... Honestly, I am soooo picky. Couldn't find anything at the moment.
UPDATE: Ok. Found one good. Karen Cliche. Enjoy.

July 28, 2007

There might be some cheating on PokerStars

OK. There's "World Cup of Poker IV" going on and there are two qualification rounds for every country. My is Latvia, ofcourse. I will try to participate there, too, but with some mixed emotions. You see, there are one internet community here in Latvia and pretty big number of it will play there too. Yesterday I visited their website and read some comments, where they played with an idea to cheat at this tournament by communicating with each other whilst in tournament. Yes, we are small community overall, but the chance, that it will be going on at my table isn't pleasant. Even if I am lousy player and am bound to leave early, I still would like to do it by rules, not thanx to some possible conspiracy.

That was my brag and I will stick to it.

Enough with sadness - let's have some goods.

July 26, 2007

Post Nr.100! / Phil Laak is Da Man

Don't feel really happy about it - it's not like Nr.1000 or something. Besides, that month long pause messes up everything.

Old news, but couldn't not to post them - Phill Laak and Ali Eslami defeated poker machine Polaris. Humans win! Kill all humans!

And here's some unstrategy: we all love AJ, don't we?!

July 24, 2007

...And I was wonderful last night!

I sure hope, that my run in cashgames will not end and this is not only variance. I was on fire - read opponents hands like open book, bet right amounts and folded on time. I really begun feel comfortable.

Too bad, I ended session on losing side - enourmous pot got away, when me and other guy with big stack moved all-in preflop just to see, that we both have aces. Yes - he got himself flush. The very next hand another guy reraised all-in on the flop of J26 rainbow after my continuation bet with AK. There are some guys, who buys in with minimal amount and plays only premium cards with all-in preflop. I call them pushers. This one was pusher too, but very loose and, let's say it - dumb. I made the correct call - he had 89s, but river brought 9 and all my money went to him. I started to tilt and quitted.

But nevertheless - awesome session.

July 23, 2007

Long post about beauty of cashgames and Sepultura, about best review about Harrah's / other stuff and candy

Yeah, baby! This weekend was very great! Fryday's evening finally decided to play cash after a while and remembered, why those are the best. They are better than sit'n'goes. From now on I have a plan to focus on cashgames most of my playing time. But now I will mix them with MTT's - I guess mostly I'll be chasing 26$ tokens.

The best thing for me in cash, is that blinds stick the same. I am still too rocky and tight for tournaments and it couses great pain to me to play speculative hands in tourneys.

So, yeah, as You understood, friday was cool. Saturdays mourning was even better - about that time, when it's mourning over here, it's about 24:00-03:00 in america, so many drunk moves are made. Lovely!

After a good run for couple hours my stomack was asking for beer! It came the time of selebration - after just about five hours I would be in Sepultura concert!




Sunday went under little minus sign, but nevertheless: cashgames, here I come!

On other news:

Pokernews time after time posts review of some poker room. In this weekend this was Harrah's turn. Boy, that review killed me! The worst words about something PokerNews didn't write in a long time!

And - YEAH - today begins another battle between human brains and computer. Unabomber, I am with you!

The First Man-Machine Poker Championship - LIVE UPDATES!


July 20, 2007

High Stakes Poker Season Four

Mmmm. That's always a good news - HSP is returning to us with 4th season in August 27. The notable point at upcoming series is, that the first half will be as before - 100k buy-in, but the second will be marvelous 500k. Isn't that nice?! Eahc other's blood will try to spill such players like:

Both Brunsons;

I all read it at PokerNews, btw.

July 19, 2007

Poke 'em

Pretty interesting post at Pokerati, actually, about tipping the dealers at the WSOP, how our new champ didn't do it and who, actually, told him not to. Read the comments - they are the better half of the post. Actually.

Not even one blogger tournament for me / gorgeos Tara Conner to make your day

Well, figured I wanted to enjoy some tourney with poker bloggers, but it seems like it will not work for me. I don't want to pay some 10$ for a start, so that leaves me with fridays rebuy frenzy. Yeah, right - if it starts at 21:00 over the pond, it's 4:00 in the mourning for me. If I don't want to drink all night [and I do not] and waste those bucks un stupid plays... So no tournament. Sad, but true.

This realisation came and make me unhappy, so call to Tara Conner was amust. After a little chat she gave me this link to make the sun brighter and the grass greener. It helped, hah.

Umm, yes, I am still at work - counting hours and minutes till the end of the day and finally logging in onto Full Tilt.

And what's up with "Blogger"?!? When I want to post an entry, he accepts "Word Verification" only the second time I do it - the first time always pops the message "ERROR" Enter the letters as they are shown in the image". Grrrr.

People will get back Neteller frosed funds / cheater get arrested for... emmm ... cheating / bohemian nights are over

First of all - Jerry Yang - how can I not to post his photo!

Well, as always, one of the best written news about Neteller we can find at Lou Krieger's blog. Good news. Tha bad news [for some involved]: "Card Cheating Expert Steve Forte Caught Cheating at Cards, Allegedly".

For a daily pin-up we can go to FatBMX again. This time it's a little hardcory and I am not even sure, do I really like it! But nevertheless - maybe someone will like it.

Finally, today will have a good quality time at the tables after work. I am not sleepy, I am not weak and I am ready to kick some ass. I really should work on my bankroll and start to play V.E.R.Y. regulary. All those bohemian weekends doesn't do me any good.


July 18, 2007

The best female poker player

Have no idea, is she "the best" or not. But she does not look like a whore. And let's admit it - most women in poker world looks like women for money. And not the best one's. Ladies and gentlemen - Erica Shoenberg.

And it's all just becouse FT mass spam email. Isn't thet nice?!

In second pic, it does look like a littlebit artificial, but what you gonna do, hah, looks good anyways.

July 17, 2007

Final table / me:revealed

Mmmmyeah. Finally ended three day drinking fest. So there's nothing much about the game. But fellow writers did good job. Thus far, the best piece about upcoming Final Table battle I found at Tao, but, I guess you all have read it already [who doesn't read it, huh?].

Well, that's about it. No much strengh over here. Even typing seems a little difficult.

And yeah - changed profile - now you can see my ugly face and stop reading my blog.

This blog is dangerous!

Just saw in few blogs this thingie and gave a shot too. Funny thing, actually...

July 13, 2007

Some visual stuff [non-poker]

Since in the last posts I showed some my photoshop skills by adding stupid text messages to some pictures, I thought, I will make some difference and put some work of own. This piece is made as logo for some [biggest and most well known in Latvia] motorcycle club's 11th anniversary. It isn't complete yet, so don't be over judgemental. As I said - no poker.

July 12, 2007

Congratulations! You are degenerate!

Yes. Just read a pretty fun article over CBS - thanx to Pot Committed person. Fun stuff about WSOP and poker as such. Just a caption for those, who haven't read it yet: "High-stakes gambling is for addicts and idiots, which makes the World Series of Poker a celebration of the sad and the stupid."

OK, all would be fine, if he didn't call lots of people idiods without knowing them. You don't have such rights, you shit. You do not! And I have rights to call you stinky names just becouse, even without knowing me found it ok to offense me. Bitch.

And you know what? He is pretty proud of it [just click his name in that column]. From one side it's even cool - get paid for being a dumbass.

Eric Seidel - GO AWAY!!! / my landlord is great

I am officially tired of seeing Eric Seidel every time I visit the PokerNews. Sure, I understand, that he is the winner of latest WSOP event, but come on!!! I am guessing, mister Seidel doesn't like that anymore either.

And how do you like that - four S'n'G and three eliminations out of the money with four-to-a-flushes!? Aghhhh. Sometimes variance hit you in the balls real hard. Nevertheless, apart from someone else could do, I still don't think internet poker is rigged.

In recent visit to 2+2 forums stumbled upon some posts about Brandy H...whathersurname. I really don't get it. Why those people make such a big deal of someone. She's not April Scott or anything.

And - YES! - I have finally cleared up my FeedReeder. Now it will be peaceful pace of reading and spme commenting again. Finally something good happends.

Met my landlord yesterday - it will be all fine with our flat. He will not make me more problems that I already have and will wait with the money. And all this becouse we both are designers /artists / whatever. Isn't he great or what?

I want some beer.

July 09, 2007

WSOP: third first day is down / stupid name for a mause pad

... and right - one more to go.

Being at work, I'm checking live updates every 20 minutes or so, so Poker Disasters will be one of the first places people can know about it! Yeah... big deal...

Anyways, visited the official site of the event and noticed one "really cool" banner with
Jen Harman. So, that is an ad of some sort of mause pad, that you can attach to your chair. Ok - thought is pretty good. But what I find funny about that, it is it's name: "DX Net Pro". Guys, if that's a "Pro" version, what is non-"pro"? You can put the mouso on, but can't move? Or what? It's just I always thought, and still am, that if there is an additional "pro" in thingies name, then there must be a simple version before. Here You can see Jen in most relaxed position ever [according to pad's marketing people].

TPB closes registration

Yep. The one and only ultimate source for all poker - The Poker Bay - has closed registration. I surely am happy for being a part of such marvelous community. I noticed it only now, couse I always stay logged in and rarely see the first page of the site, but, nevertheless, now it's closed.

Meanwhile the Day 1b is over and 1c goes on already. As Pokernews reports, all in all in ME will be "only" 6000 entrants, what is down by the third from previous year's numbers. I really can't say it's something bad or disapointing. For me, simple mortal.

They're both out in Day 1.

July 06, 2007

Oh. My. God.

Well, I guess I can congratulate You all with beginning of Main Event. Let the rants begin! So, will Gold get to this year's final table, as he had promised? I hope so - that would be more than great for him.

I guess those will be super/uber/totally old news, but I was very pleased to read about Lindgren's prop bet on a golf course. Have no clue about golf whatsoever, but, as I understood, it was one good bet worth 340'000$. Bits of action You can see at RawVegas TV and some discussion over 2+2.

I got through approx. a half of all posts. Sure, I don't read them all, but You got to take some short look on almost any of them at least. So much for fast catching up. At least I have some time to find some girl's photo for you to look at while reading my ramblings [pic from FatBMX].

About experiences at FullTilt - a littlebit later.

July 02, 2007

Bad things happened, but I am back


Sorry for my absence. Was going through terrible times. And still am. As I, being so full of principles, quitted my job, it took a while to find a new one. I was cut off from internet, mobile... and so on. I am still in debt huge way for a rent and landlord wants to kick us out of our flat. And for bonus - the webpage development didn't work - the programmer I found stood me up and now I am an idiot in some people eyes. I don't care about other thoughts in this matter - just there was pretty much money involved. Yes... But, I hope I am back in business. The job offer I took was more from desperation - pay is 25% less, but there are the good things too - free mobile and dinner - guess it summs up to the same. If I hadn't those depts, I would smile right now. At this moment only my stupid optimism keeps me alive.

Poker world? Ha! Deposided 50 bucks at FullTilt [I blew my money at UB long ago - entered some big tournaments in hope of getting rent money]. Nothing much - will start work from the bottom. Again. I heard WSOP has begun?! Wow!

Yesterday I was really afraid to open up the FeedReader... There must be millions of unread posts over there! Yikes! It will take some work.

Missed this all thing. But now I am back. Hungry and poor bastard as I always was and, hopefully, won't be.

*** If You read this, You must send me some good thoughts.