May 10, 2007

Bitch 2

Why do you want rather go to funeral, not to the wedding?

Couse there's one idiot less.

[or smthn like that]

May 09, 2007

Another tourney, job search and, of course, some candy

So. Yesterday started playing my usual cash game and something just wasn't right. So why not star my second tourney?! Joined as alternate on 3$ rebuy doublestack [I guess all tourneys at UB are doublestacks]. As I was an alternate, I got to playing only after hour in the game, so I started my 112 players field as a shortstack.

And guess what - 13th! I was very healthy and already saw myself at the final table, but one hand crippled me so much, that I felt I have to do something. My 55 didn't held up against AT and I am out. Profit: none. Lost: nothing.

But still, I feel very proud of myself. The fact, that I finished good in my only two tournaments, is encouraging. Oh, and another thing - I didn't steal at all. At all.

I feel strong temptation to play that tourney today, too.

So, since you've read all this crap about poker, you deserve to take a look to some ladies [couse I feel, "candy" tag doesn't appear here often].

And here is new WPT seasons lineup.

- - - - -

I have left two weeks of work. And I haven't found the job replacement yet. Unfortunately bills will be still coming, so - uhhh - it's hard. I have vacancy as a bartender, but there is so fuckin' money whatsoever. At least not enough - even for plain bill payments. That sucks.

May 07, 2007

Review: movie "Aces"

My grandmother in the woods are better actress, than people involved in this so called movie. I would be loughing, if not the tears in my eyes.

Major and total crap!

May 04, 2007

Final Table!

Yeah! Yesterday decided to make a little pause from the cash games, so I headed to "Scheduled tournaments" section. As it was pretty late, the only thing I was ready to pay for was 800$ guaranteed 1 dollar double stack rebuy tournament. It started at 24:00 [by my time].

I played and played, several times got lucky [that specific card DID NOT came] and finished 7th out of 211. Four and a half huors later. Made 32 bucks for my 4$ investment. Was kicked out thanx to donk, who cached miracle. So, as I am happy about my tournament success, I am little disapointed about outcome.

But - YEAH!

May 02, 2007

My today's 2nd hand

Sorry, have no Photoshop over here - just that stoooopid Paint.

Ohhh. Be smart! Be calm! Quit!

YES! About the same - Terrence Chan, Playboy Mansion and Annie Dguke [interesting]

If You haven't heard about it - you must.

This moutning, while eating breakfast, checked Chans blog once more - wiii, some much more info..

So, if You want to read about how the guy was fucked up at Playboy Mansion, then head over his blog [be sure to scroll down for all the history and read the comments - there are going "official" action on, too].

There is a thread in 2+2 about this matter, too. But there isn't much new or interesting - mostly brags.

I sure hope, You don't have a busy time now, couse this reading is interesting and may take a while.