August 28, 2008

For those ****** people, who thinks 27o is the weakest hand in poker

Just a little tired of this, cause lately heard this shit about four times. And this is a lot for a week [approximately].

On othar note: here's a place to laugh.

August 24, 2008

Tarping is fun

Wow, Tower's affiliate service is awesome - had problems with linkage and they were solved with ease thanks to lovely Laura - she is so nice I want to take her to the river for some beers.

About that live game I talked about - wasn't bad at all. But I just figured out, that this would be a bad idea to write here about hands and plays due to some people could use this against me in the future. Overall made JUST ONE huge mistake by being a payoff wizard to a tag player - sometimes we should pay attention to logic too, you know. And then there was a pretty well executed tarp, where valueshove worked perfectly and my turned trips got the right price from overpair. Overall +130bb.

August 20, 2008

Yeesss.... recap of fucking donkament

I am not a tourney player, but today I decided to participate in 20+2$ tourney. Why? I do not know. Well... It starts in 3 minutes and has gathered 250 players. Register...

0:00 - 316 players/ prizepool over 6000$.

0:04 - +400. Pusheda guy off the hand with second nutflushdraw.

0:09 - Uffff! Just doubled up to 3400 with JJ>AK.

0:20 - 234 remaining. Donked off 500T$. It stinks.

0:34 - no cards whatsoever. with some moves managing to stay over 3000.

0:38 - I am 56th of 157. Average stack. Just folded 23o. Yay!

0:40 - raised with AA, shortie pushed 11bb into me. Up to 5000. Blinds 50/100.

0:49 - blinds 75/150: seems like people becomes more agressive. push after push. fucking donkaments.

0:55 - down to 3000. Reraised wth AQs and folded to a push. Guy showed AK, so I guess nada to complain... Below average.

0:60 - brake. I have 23bb to start 100/200 level. Fcuk. 66th out of 93.

1:02 - I just can't raise A8. I can't!!!

1:08 - down to 10bb. Time to push? 88>KJ. Up to 4470 - it's still below average.

1:14 - blinds up to 150/300. Nada.

1:15 - I reraise all-in with AK and guy calls with A3. Flop brings 3 and I am out in 60-ish place. FUCKING DONKAMENTS!!!

August 19, 2008

Behold - here will be some stuff from live game! Soon! [not now, obv.]

As a large number of europeans, I switched from FullTilt to ongame network. To TowerGaming. Well, if that's all true about those bonuses they offer - I will never look back. Except for some tourneys and some star's ass busting.

After about half a year I will finally play some live pokar with unknown dudes - local forum makes a cashgame tomorrow, so You can be sure I will post a review here. Should be interesting. I promise!

About candy... no candy - don't know why, none of my browsers [firefox, opera, ie] want to let me upload files. This shit must end! Buy me a laptop!

August 12, 2008

It's all about the "X"

Here'e the question:

Couple days ago in one of rooms I had x amount of money. Now I have 80x. What is "x"?