June 05, 2008

Update. Damn update

Nothing really has changed over these months. I'm still without computer, but playing at work suck so much, that I don't enjoy it even a little. Still I managed to try the new Poker Tracker software and I am really stoked - it does the job faster and better and the hud looks good. When all this shit will end, I will buy this one for sure [I will even get a discount due my PAHud purchase earlier].

I am forking on new project, what will hopefully end our [I mean my family] struggle and will put things right. This is project I really love and if all works out I will send out our best beer to fellow bloggers, who found a time to say some good words to me over the past year. If I forget it - remind me!

Still I manage to play live poker at work about once a week. These are great times - have fun and make money. Of course, money isn't that big, but it's something.

Just a moments ago saw a video with well-known-poker-pro-from-DUKE. I just can't figure out, do I want to laugh or cry... hah.

OK, later.

And that Rizen's post over 2p2 about signing with UB!

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