December 12, 2007

As always - broke and tilted! But learning!

Yeah... First thing is, that I am too good as a person. Nobody want to pay in time for freelance jobs you've done. So I needed to withdraw almost anything I had on my FTP account [good thing is, that deposits are processed within seconds, but withdrawals take at least ten days - what a joy!]. The rest from the account I managed to tilt away, sooo.... zero-zero-zero. Seconds thing - Christmas. Thanks to all commercialization, I must find fund to presents, and that's not helping overall situation either.

Let's start to learn! Finally...

But there are plus signs, too. Got the whole library in [about my Amazon purchase You can read here]. First book I read was about Stu Ungar - just wanted something easy at the time. And that book IS easy. Not as deep as I imagined. But the good thing is, that you just storm through pages - not stumble against every second sentence. Anyways, now I am in the middle of Theory Of Poker. Man, that's a bitch! I even had a temptation to drop that book, but, I guess, I am not that ungutsy, so I promised myself to go through it. With clear mind, not just because... After that... I don't know - Gordon books or Harrington books. We'll see.

And my old friend Adil showed up - he's now a prospering coach at GrindersSchool. I think I will join them, too. When I got some extra bucks to spend. [I am waiting for a discount for this reference, hah!]

Ok. And to brighten things even more up, here's one of the most georgeous women I've seen lately [except my girlfriend, of course].

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