December 18, 2007

Brain starts working. Slowly, but still. Wait me at the tables. Finally!

Sklansky's "Theory Of Poker" is finished. Did said that already at 2+2 and will say that here also - as a first book for novice player, TOP is a bitch. B.I.T.C.H. Nevertheless, it's done. The second book I took from the shelf is Largay's NLTH and I find it easy to read and very valuable. I am already done half of it and will do at least one reread for sure.

As I wrote before - I am broke. But there comes Christmas and 13th salary, so I will definetly make a deposit and start to work on things I read. Also I consider to get Idle Miner, but there are some worries about will my laptop be powerful enough. But, otherwise - well spent 50 bucks, imo.

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