January 04, 2008

So, what do we watch these days?

That would be Poker After Dark Season Three, of course.

Unimportant thing first: I guess this is the first time, when an actual qualifier can sit at that table and, best of all, choose players to play against. The first lamb choose Negreanu, Matusow, Harman, Scotty and Hellmuthhhhhh. As some already said: "nightmare s'n'g". Could be. Moneywise. But, if I would be in his place, I would pick similar lineup, cause I would not go there for money, but for company.

OK, now for an important news: PAD have new hostess - Marianela Pereyra. Just can't understand those guys, who are putting her down - gorgeous girl! Click on pic to get a better view.

As for poker - 1K hands in session (4tabling) is the goal I'm following right now.

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whodatdare said...

Hey, came here from 2+2 uFR forum. I have to agree that Marianela is a HUGE improvement over Shana. She's seriously smokin!