November 28, 2007

Ramblings about beer, pic of girls and, guess what, no poker!

Sometimes there's just not enough time. Or chance. Sometimes you get home late and tired and all you can think about is laying in the sofa and watch TV - no sex, no beer, no cards, no-no-no. And then there are other times, when you want to play but world around seems to be against it - someone comes, someone goes, it's the end of the working week...

Fortunately, I will have my books [already got Rolf Slotboom's book in] by tomorrow, so, even if I can't be online playing done, I will have my share of education. But all that beer... Yesterday some friends came over to congratulate my girlfriend with her birthday. Today is an actual date of her birthday - more friends, more beer. Tomorrow I will go to my friend's metal band's concert - more beer. Friday is always drinking night - even more beer. On saturday we visit girlfriends father for his birthday - again - some beer. What the hell!?!?

Why do I write this all this shit? Cause I need a brake. So I ramble some meaningless words and browse few girls [from Maxim, Bodog, WCP] for my dearest reader.


AAPoker said...

Hey man,

haven't checked in on you in a while?? How's all the poker going? I am an instructor at a low limit site now... if you want to check it out.

osinsh said...

Well, wrote how I do in the next post. Nice to hear from You!!!