November 25, 2007

Casino staff refuses to bring me more beer. Bastardos

I can assure you - I am not even close to those big time [and "middle time and "small time"] gamblers you see in the casinos, movies and whatnot. I hate playing against the dealer any kind of games cause I constantly hate, how much I can do about the outcome. However, if, for that or another reason, I wind up behind some table, is always is Texas one. There you can see the flop for an ante and, as I read somewhere, it is a game where's casino edge is one of the smallest.

So anyways... Was there and done that couple days ago. At first me and my friend wondered through some pubs, but, as sometimes it hapends, we got to an idea of going to casino. I agreed only cause there might be a 2/4NL game going. Of course, there wasn't any NL - dealers choice with seven "omaha lovers" out of ten players wasn't an option for me. So I headed to my friend, who already played that game I told you about.

Well, I play differently - I often chat with dealer girls, friends and unknown people [yes, I drink all along] and play only about 10%-15% of hands. Not much money wasted and, you know, some loud fun. This time I even got a nickname - "karma". Many people believed I brought the luck to them [oh, well...]. Funny thing, I won or doubled ante almost any hand I played. Considering how rarely I played and my loud newfound karma friends, the floor noticed me and whispered to waitreses not to bring me more beer. Not for free, not for money. Hah. That was funny and I still doesn't quite get it, but... at least I was home earlier with 200 bucks extra. Not bad.

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