November 09, 2007

Quitting poker? or "joy and pain of giving and taking"

If I wrote this post a couple days ago, it would be different, but the right things comes after water is settled, don't they? No, I didn't had horrible bad beats and my bankroll isn't busted or anything. Well, yes - due to some other matters, I withdraw most of the monies. I know, I know - bankroll is the thing you never touch, but... sometimes you must do. I don't play for a living, not even close to that, so there's no "very" hard feelings.

This and that, maybe some autumn depression even, brought some kind of boredom from poker. We all know that phrase by Worm: "grinding out on your leather ass" witch is said in that sarcastic manner. Well, I guess I got tired from that. I am still pretty confident, that my main mistake so far was playing live those couple of times. It's those live games I feel passioned about. Too bad, I am underrolled for them, cause exactly live action is what thrills me and lack of it in on-line game, grinding two, three, sometimes four tables isn't the most exciting thing in the world. Sure, there is goals you are trying to achieve and joy and pain of giving and taking, but after a while You Get Bored. Maybe it's just me and it's plain wrong, but that's my blog and basta.

So, yeah, was pretty down in mood, but... damn that bug! It bite me and there's no going back, I guess. Now I am eager to play again and to take some chips away from anyone and everyone. Even those were just couple of days, it's good to be back. I am still don't like to grind - who the fuck likes that? - but now I want to. With my shortened bankroll it will be helluva fun.

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