November 12, 2007

Another shit from AP? Mighty-Jack-Six-Offsuit

Well, no poker lately due some business outside, but managed to participate in's invitational yesterday and finished 30th out of 450 or something. And, damn, what a terrible move I did - middlestack pushed All-in from the button [no limpers], so I figured my AQ in SB would be good in this spot. Yeah! I see two kings and the third on the flop. My desperately needed Ten to fill my gutshot straight didn't came and byeeee!!!

Did I mention that this tourney went out at Absolute Poker? Hah! And guess what!? According to's management, AP forgot to set up the prizepool and still today noone knows, how much they've won. Ok, I am 30th, so I could not feel big worries about a... I don't know... a dollar, but those, who finished at the top could be pretty annoyed.

It was my first time at AP and I must say, that software runs pretty smooth. And competition, at least in the tourney I played, was very weak. But I can't say it for sure, cause, due to all the trash cards I got all evening, I didn't tangle much. But saw some amaizing things you can do with Mighty-Jack-Six-Offsuit.

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