October 22, 2007

Damn that alcohol! / Hottt

But it's very positive, when you, when feeling drunk, can move down the stakes and don't hate yourself in the mourning in the sense of lost money.

And even more joyful is when at your table sits another steaming drunktard with 80 VP$IP. Weeee!!!! Of course, you play only because of him. And, of course, you are up two buyins or so. And then, OF COURSE, that asshole decides to quit and you find yourself against 9% nits. You can't stop playing loose and lose everything and quit minus one BI. That's life.

Since I was bad and didn't post nothing in "candy" section lately - enjoy another beaute below. Unlike previous time - now here's actual celebrity - Eva Mendez. Hotttt. Here's more of her.

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