October 31, 2007

A few funny things I encountered today whilst playing

OK. Maybe not so funny, but they made me smile. The first one comes from todays online game.
After everyone folded I raised from the cutoff with 55. And the big blind - super tight nit with stats about 5/0 called. "Wow!", I thought.

The flop came Kxx and villain checked. As K was most definetly in his range, I just checked behind [cause, yes, I am nit, too] and thought "Five". Turn brought another K. Another check and check behind. River brings me nice boat with third 5. And guess what - that rock decides to bet half the pot. That was just like a big poster - "I have a King!!!". I 3-bet him and villain goes all-in with the rest of the stack. I call and take the chips.

"What the fuck is funny there?!?", you might ask. The phrase he said after the hand:

"What a luck!!! Fish!!!"

The second comes from TV. Was watching EPT 3rd season's London event at there was some IT specialist just busted out. With all seriousness in his face he said:

"Well, I look at the people's body language, tells and stuff." Well, that "tells and stuff" cracked me up really hard.

And I saw Isabelle Mercier busting out. That wasn't funny at all. But it makes a good reason to put her photo in Poker Disasters, doesn't it?!

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