October 15, 2007

WBCOOP: damn! I was supposed to win an X-Box!!! Bitch.

No. Don't get me wrong - WBCOOP ain't a bitch. Not me, either. Noone is a bitch. I just sometimes want to say that word. With expression.

So - WBCOOP. Went out just before second brake. 6xx-something. Damn! Even after ten hours I can't figure out, did I played wrong or not. As always, I kept myself in the middle of the pack waiti9ng for the moment, where half of people tend to be nervous. It comes about time, where blinds climb up to 200 or 300. Average stacks start to worry. They see "Wow, I am squeezed between stacks three times larger than me!" and start to make moves. At this time we don't need to make moves ourselves - just respond to other tries to steal chips.

...and it all happened.

Till my stupid mind decides to raise 2000 [300/600] in CO with AJ sooooted. Ok - it's not THAT bad move. It's standard. But then lose bigstack button reraises me to 5000. If I call - I have 6789.12 left. I call. Cause, you know - HE'S SOOO LOOOOOSE! Board comes Q high. I realize, that if I check, he will definetly put me all-in. So I push. That bastard calls with JJ and, with no help in turn and river, I am out.

And won the guy, who's blog I can't even read! Come on - what's up with that!!??!

That's why we all look at candy below and try to go on our lives.

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