October 31, 2007

Doyle's interview sucked / I am a calling station

Recently Cardrunners webpage brought to us Townsend's interview with Doyle Brunson. As promising the beginning of the interview was, the worst was the rest. Except the fact that Doyle went broke hundred times, we don't hear nothing new [maybe even that isn't something new]. Nothing. And, really, there isn't any difference, are those questions asked by a poker pro or some wacko chick with long legs and stupid smile. And the end of that piece slaps you in the face with a feeling, that even a sentence isn't finished. Of course, I am the bastard, who can only shit on others and can't come up with decent post himself, but nevertheless - I have some journalist experience on my on and maybe deserve some credit. Maybe not. I don't care.

Here you can learn about player Brunson fears the most. It's Chip Reese, who last year won nearly 1.8M at the WSOP H.O.R.S.E. event or something like that.

Oh, and yes - yesterday's evening session was bad. That curious dumb kid, we call "calling station", took over me and I payed off pretty much. POW - Payoff Wizard - that was my yesterday's name. So I took some hand histories to work today - to analyze them in some quiet time. Maybe even to post some on the forums.

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