October 30, 2007

God doesn't share his thoughts with Yang / On-line Poker returns to US / Help me bust my UB account!

Last things first.

Well, after a while I thought I should make a little rundown through some fellow blogs and news. As always, one of my favorite writers is Otis and today I enjoyed his post called "Permission to shut up granted". Good news comes from PokerNews: BarryG [with PPA and other players] recently returned from the trip down to Congress and claims, that online poker will be back pretty soon. As we know, Doyle's Room is the first bird in that direction.

To my surprise, I recently discovered, that I have 8 cents on my UB account. Can anyone send me another 2c, so I can sit with 10c at the table and finally bust my account?

About on weekly basis I tend to look at Poker Disasters stats and this mourning pretty shocked me. There are the tab, that shows referring link and one just amaized me - "jerry yang+banned from Pokerstars". Heck! The first thought was: "wait a minute - he had some sort of a deal with FullTilt. At least he wear their logo at the WSOP!". But, you got to check, right?! It appeared false alarm, but, boy, this would be interesting. God have his purposes and he don't share them with Jerry! Yikes!

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